Private Sale?

  1. Does anyone know anything about a Burberry private sale that starts on Thursday?
    I received a phone call today from the sales rep that helped me with a recent purchase.
    Anyway, in her message, she said there was a private sale which was starting on Thursday and that I was free to come in before Thursday to start buying If I was interested.

    no mention of any discount or whether this also applies to online.

    anyone else hear of this? i'm from chicago btw. not sure if this is just in my area.

    just got the call today and i haven't had a chance to return her message.
  2. I have been waiting for the sale. I usually get invitaion in the mail for burberry private sales, but I didnt get any for this time yet. Please let us know when you get more details. Thanks!
  3. I tried to buy a bag online. Although it said "discount will be applied at checkout", I did not see the discount. And I did not want to do the final "click" at full price. Any codes to be used?
  4. Try this link to see if it works. The discount is applied when you add the item to your shopping cart.
  5. yahhh so weird...i thought i would get a card too as I usually get a card about their 40% off private sale...i asked an SA at the burberry boutique about a month ago and they said it would be around Thanksgiving time??
  6. this is a good link, i found a couple of more items however still no trenches that I want. Anyone know if these will go on sale to make room for new spring ones?
  7. The bag I wanted was no longer on line and when I called the 800 # they said it was no longer available. However, in a last ditch effort, I phoned the nearest Burberry store and they had it, gave me 30% off and gave me free shipping...I'm pretty happy. Can't wait for her to arrive :smile:
  8. Does anyone know if in the stores other bags are included besides those online? The tote I want is not included in the private sale online, but I was hoping I might be able to get it at the store still. Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone!. I normally hang out the Coach subforum but am so glad I jumped over here today!! I've had my eye on the Regent or Nova Check bag but noticed they are not on the online sale but I'm nowhere near a Burberry store. Any way to still get the bag on sale by calling the closest store? Will they do phone orders and ship to me? TIA!!
  10. How do you get on the mailing list for the in-store sales? I received an email about the online private sale, but I prefer to buy things in person.
  11. does anyone know when is the next private sale???
  12. :p
    Which bag are you getting? I would love to see modeling pics!
  13. is the sale over?
  14. does that include all the other bags for just the ones they have up for sale? which is like only 2 that i see........

    i just ordered mine a few hours before i saw this post....i wonder if it still applies for me and maybe i can cancel it and use that code if it applies to all handbags?

    can someone confirm?