Private Sale..

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  1. no invite needed. my SA called me last week to tell me to stop by so i think it is open to everyone. she said the best buys are the clothing and shoes b/c the bags aren't any of the popular ones.
  2. is the sale only on shoes and clothes?Any hanbags on sale?
  3. I only saw Baby Animals bags on sale.
  4. Baby animals bags = blue bags? How many percent does it cost? do you think the sale items will be pretty much the same like NM? Or there'll be more varieties?
  5. I went to the private sale at scp today. I was maaaaaaaaaddd! my fav sa Pam was not in today so I asked another older asian lady(not Keiko) which items will be on sale. She asked me who's my sa and I told her its Pam, then she told me to come back tomorrow for Pam since she is too busy:cursing::cursing::cursing: today.

    no bags are on sale according to her only some shoes and clothing..let us know what you get from the private sale ok??
  6. How come they don't have anything on sale here in Hong Kong??? tsk tsk tsk...
  7. mkarya, that is just too rude! I would have complained to the manager -- the SA should never have treated you that way!!!
  8. Any wallets included I wonder?
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