Private Sale..

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  1. Got an invite to a Private sale at the Chanel boutique... for anyone who has been before... what types of markdowns do they have?
  2. Yes, I did too.
    I was told it would be the fabric bags and clothing at Beverly Hills location - not sure about the leather bags.:confused1:
  3. o wow a private sale sounds awesome! that article was really interesting too.
  4. do u have to have an invite? is it at all chanel boutiques?
  5. i just got the card today and it starts tomorrow! i wonder if any shoes will be on sale....
  6. My invitation for the private sale starts June 6th - 8th for Beverly Hills.

    If you go - please share the details of your adventure.:smile:
  7. I really don't know - if you "need" to have an invite. It is not an after hours sale - whereas the boutique is closed to the public...and you must have the invitation to enter, like some other designer private invites.

    I think it is more on the lines of a fancy, exclusive sounding way to invite / incite regular clients to come spend more on really expensive items that are now still expensive.hehehe.

    Maybe you should call your local boutique and tell them your friend(s) were telling you about this private sale invitation and you were wondering if you needed an invitation to come shop, etc, etc.....see what they say..........:tup:

    Let us know what they tell you.:smile:
  8. no you dont need an invite, you can just walk in. the sale stuff will be on a small section of a wall somewhere.
  9. If there is something you've had your eye on, I strongly suggest calling the boutique now to see if they have it in your size, etc. If so, they will put it in the back with your name holding it for you. Most of the goodies are pre-sold this way. What's left with no holds is put out for the walk-in clientele. (Someone correct me if you know otherwise, but this is how I understand the sales occur. And no, one does not need the invite to attend the sale.)
  10. I got the invitation today too.
  11. yeah i got mine as well , in the mail today
  12. I got the card today too. I already asked my SA to put something aside for me, hoping it will be marked down tomorrow.:P
  13. My SA put my things aside last wednesday:smile: but I can't pick up until the 6th...
  14. I got mine today too, so based on what everyone is saying...I might have to stop by Chanel this week and see if there is anything I should put on hold. Didn't know I could do that before!