private sale starts today!

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  1. got an email today about a private sale! happy shopping!
  2. I looked at 9 am and a lot of the cheaper stuff was already sold out. I did get some espadrilles and flats though.
  3. I got some thoras to replace a pair that are worn out. And a wrap bracelet. The other stuff I wanted was already sold out.
  4. Treated myself to a little York key holder and almost bought a bag but used some self-control ;)
  5. Am I the only one who feels like many of these items are similar to what's in stock at the outlet?
  6. the outlet in orlando has expanded and yeah it has some of these items and more. last two times I visited they had 20% off 1 item and 25% off 2 or something like that. The fact that I saw it twice in the last two months makes me wonder if this is their regular discount.

    Last weekend I was able to purchase mini reva sandals for ~$89 because they were having some additional sale on all shoes/heels/flats with the mini reva look. Cheaper than what they are going for on the website sale...

  7. Yeah I feel like the sale has been running at outlet since beginning of February.
  8. The outlet always has an ongoing promotion. I feel they have been more generous with the discounts lately. Currently there is 40% off any purchase over $600. I'm pretty sure there are no exclusions.
  9. YES. The woven Robinson I bought at the outlet at 20% off (I only bought one item) was less than the private sale price. If I had bought 3 items, it would have been 30% off. And the base price on some of the items was less at the outlet too. Then with the % off that they seem to offer... doesn't make it seem like a great deal.

    I wear a size 9 shoe so not much in stock in that size.... :pout:
  10. I was out and busy and did not get to look until after 1pm, it was pretty sad pickings by then. I did by a sheer simone cardigan in navy for $99.00 so I was happy about that, I have one in black and white.

  11. This is exactly what I was thinking as I browsed through the items. I purchased a few items and got 30% off based on having purchased over 3 items, after they were reduced to approximately half of their original retail price. Here's a link to the post:
  12. I picked up the Sable Dip-Dyed flats for $99. I missed those last year and I kicked myself because they were out of my size and I hemmed and hawed too long. Thankfully I got them the other day! Also picked up a Reva scarf. I wish I had an outlet in my area. I always pick up a few goodies when I run across one.
  13. the good thing about the outlet these days is that the stuff can be returned and at the regular stores too. I remember last year, all outlet stuff had been final sale but they seem to have changed that policy.
  14. #14 Mar 29, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2016
    I ordered 5 items from this private sale
    --Robinson Square pebbled leather Tote (black)
    --Robinson Multi Tote (Tiger's Eye)
    --York cosmetic Bag (sunshine)
    --York cosmetic bag (red) forgot the actual color..
    --Marion swingpack (black)
    They arrived today and the zippers on each bags are tarnished. There are several tarnish at both end of the zipper it's pretty bad. I called the customer service right away and she said its final sale but I'm going to press forward on this. My first TB handbag purchase and the hardware looks very cheaply done. I hope they fix this issue. I came across to this forum becaus I've been researching for similar complaints.
  15. How annoying! I can honestly say this has never happened to me. Please post a pic of one of the zippers.

    If they don't want to refund you, you can file a dispute with your cc for items received not as described. Good luck!
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