Private Sale Price Match....

  1. This is my first post in Burberry... but I wanted to share that Nordys priced matched the large beaton. I ordered the small, but I think it'll be too small. So I went to Nordys tonight and they had the large and gave it to me with the 30% off.

    Here's a photo:

  2. Wow, that is great you were able to receive the price match. The bag is beautiful. :yes:
  3. I thought Nordstrom doesn't price match ? or am I thinking of Neiman Marcus ?

    Very nice ! I'm such a big burberry fan at the moment.
  4. WOW! Whatta great deal! And the large is just fabulous! Congrats!!!!!!!!!:love:
  5. Ohhh that is GORGEOUS!!!!!! And you got it for 30% off too, YAY!!
  6. Congrats on the gorgeous new bag and excellent Nordie's CS!
  7. Nordstrom does price match items if they can confirm the item is on sale at another store or online. I had them price match a pair of shoes was on sale at cole haan and they called the store to confirm.
  8. omg, that's awesome... congrats!!!
  9. Your picture make me want a beaton...yours in specific! Gorgoues!!!
  10. How much after the sale?
  11. thats a great deal!!!!!
  12. how much did u get the bag for? Congrats on your first bag. Its really cute!

    also how did you PM the bag? Did you give them a website printout or store? Could you give more details, maybe I'll have them PM a bag i want too. any advice?
  13. Nordstrom is great, isn't it? I had a giftcard once for $200 which I spent on some clothes that I wasn't sure I liked. I then returned them, and instead of giving me another gift card or store credit, they refunded me in CASH- NO QUESTIONS ASKED! When I returned a pair of shoes (unused) without a receipt, they still gave me a refund.

    CONGRATS ON YOUR BEATON! I love my baby one.
  14. Gotta love Nordies~~~ Your purchase is lovely!!
  15. NORDYS HAS BURBERRY ON SALE!!! Including the patent beaton and the studded knight bag!!!!