Private Sale @ Chanel Boutiques

  1. Just received on the mail today a card from Chanel Boutique about their upcoming Sale :
    It reads:

    Private Sale
    Fall- Winter 2007 Collection
    December 5th- 7th

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  2. Americans are so lucky. We have to wait till Boxing Day. :drool:
  3. seem like such a long wait
  4. Wow, really?? is that mean anyone can go or do we have to make an appointment? Thanks for the info!
  5. :smile:anyone can go:smile:
  6. I was told that the sale at our Chanel boutique is only on shoes, no bags. This was the boutique at Tysons.
  7. I was in the Palm Beach boutique earlier this week and was told bags, accessories and shoes would be on sale starting December 5. My SA did a pre-sale for me for a pair of shoes. I'll be in on Wednesday to pick them up, hopefully I'll be able to see which bags and accessories are on sale.

    And yes, anyone can go :nuts:
  8. I got a card in the mail too- will be calling my SA next week!
  9. Oh, great info I think I will go scope out my Chanel store tomorrow!
  10. Yeah I got the invite, but...

    Darnit, I'm going to be in the Bahamas that week!!!
  11. cristina: please report back on what you see! i'm not near a boutique, but would love to know what's going on sale!
  12. you are all sooo lucky!

    that doesnt happen in the UK
  13. ^ Secret I've received invitations in the mail from Chanel Boutiques when the sale is due to start. I will keep the UK thread posted as soon as I receive one!
  14. Anyone please do post what you see on sale!! =) thanks
  15. I was there today and this is what I saw "from memory":

    *Tweed bags
    *Evening shoes
    *Quilted boots
    *Patent closed toe platforms (this is truly TDF)
    *Many knits and sweaters
    *Many jackets

    Sorry this is all I can remember. I got a tweed jacket for 40% off!