Private Politics Section?

  1. I like talking about politics. At the same time, I know how quickly things can get out of hand.

    And that's a shame, because I like hearing people's different views on things.

    There's a private Buy / Sell section so why can't there be a private Politics Section?

    People fill out applications, Megs and Vlad decide who can handle talking about controversial things.

    That way, people can talk about politics, and there's less of a chance of things getting out of hand.

    And if it's clear that people can't handle it or can't voice their opinions in a respectful way, then they are no longer allowed to post in the section.
  2. I wish, but I don't think Vlad and Megs deserve the hassles. :smile:
  3. ACK! LOL!
    I think they have a different view for this Forum, there's so many other places/Forums to talk about politics. . .
    I could be wrong though, maybe Vlad will be happy to oblige.
    But I'm going to guess he won't.
  4. No, I disagree with having a political forum. There's enough problems for Vlad and Co. to handle without adding politics to the list!
  5. It's worth a shot.
  6. Please, NO, I live in Washington, and my life is politics. I come here to get away!!!! :nuts: Let's talk purses!!!
  7. ^^^And seriously, there are plenty of other sites to talk politics.

    I worry that continuing to add new "off topic" subforums to tPF--on pets, recipes, TV, beauty products, etc.--leaves less room for new handbag subforums.
  8. That's why I'm suggesting we make it private, and those who are interested can apply.

    Those who don't want to don't have to apply.
  9. Vlad doesnt allow threads anymore re:religion and politics due to the issues it has caused

    DUDES..This IS a PURSE FORUM....RIGHT??????

    Shop on!(And leave the political stuff at the door!!!)
  10. Sorry, politics belong elsewhere.
  11. I understand . . . can't blame me for trying, right?
  12. nope, can't blame a girl for tryin'!
  13. I know the powers that be have already said "no" but I don't think it was an entirely stupid/silly idea, caitlin. I participate on an iTunes plus iPod forum and they have a private (by invitation only, must have 1000 posts and be approved by all the mods) forum for "mature" subjects, including politics. iPods and politics? Why not?

    The problem is, it's an additional responsibility for the mods, and this place is already fairly busy.
  14. Vlad doesn't want it. . . as a member and a Mod, I support his decision! :biggrin:
  15. Of course, lol. :biggrin: