private nurse in seoul

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  1. anyone knows where i can hire a private nurse to take care of me during my recovery? My friends may not be able to make it so i would like another alternative
  2. K, I don't know any info about this. But I do have a couple of co-workers who have relatives in Seoul. WOuld you like me to ask them to get some info from their relatives there? If so, what kind of nurse are you looking for? The professional one with license and medical training or just a nanny?
  3. oh that would be so great! im looking for the professional ones with liscense, safer that way
  4. MrsK did u get around to your facelift? If not, did u read KCouture's recommendation
    for Dream? Said she thought patient looked in her 30's when she was in her late 60's.
    You know the old saying Asians look younger than their Caucasian counterparts, so if she
    fooled KCouture, it's a good sign!
  5. Thanks for digging this one up :smile:

    Yes I have seen K's writeup and was very impressed also with DREAM, which is still on list for consult in Sept.

    K, I still haven't heard from my co-worker about the nurse for hire service.. Let me tap on his shoulder next week.
  6. oh no its ok mrsking. I got that sorted. I'm flying someone down from japan to help me while i recover. now its the time where i leave it up to the surgeon. so nervous!
  7. Good that you'll have someone there with you! Totally understand the nerveousness you are feeling, but remember you've done your part in locating the most capable surgeon for your case, and Dr. Park seems to be very knowledgeable and experienced. Try to relax, I am sure everything will be fine.

    I'm sure you will go over everything with Dr. Park again before the surgery, and don't let anyone rush you on that. Make sure he understands all your concerns. Good luck and pray for your great result.
  8. hi there,

    if you need someone to help in your recovery you can send an Email to Aeri very nice lady she took care of me when i did my surgery last year.
  9. hi,

    i need a cre takers too. could some of you recommend me ?
  10. hi, i kinda need one, could u pm me ?
  11. before u rush to hire a private nurse, you should ask the clinic about ward stays. I overnight in the ward for only 150 usd and there was 24 hour nurses for me to harrass with the call button all night lol. Honestly you should only consider a nurse for the first night maybe 2nd if ure surgery is really invasive. Mine was reconstructive surgery hence why i chose to stay in the ward.
  12. i'm leaving Friday for Seoul. Anyone can recommend a nurse or nanny to assist my recovery. I just can't go though another bout of loneliness recovery.