Private Night at NM!!! 40% off of everything today and tomorrow!

  1. NM is having a sale for two days only. 40% off of everything BUT the Bay collection!~

    Pre-sale today, and the actual sale is tomorrow. My SA, Lisa Hamlin, said she will do pre-sale orders today if you are interested.

    Lisa's number (248) 635-8442.

    Happy Shopping!!! :nuts:
  2. The NM is San Antonio has a very large collection of chloe currently. I can't believe it went 40%!!!!
  3. I know- it's at every NM too! The only thing that is not going to be marked down is the Bay collection.
  4. USA ladies you are sooooooo lucky!!! This never happens here. We only get sales on shoes never on bags!!! I am so jelous... Wish to everyone happy shopping!!!!
  5. Can I order by phone and ship to me? I'm located in California.
  6. I soooo hate being in the UK!
  7. Yay I love shopping! :yahoo:
  8. Don't fret ladies! Lisa, my SA, will take phone orders! Call her today!
    (248) 635-8442! And she will ship worldwide!
  9. I just talked Lisa at NM and she was so nice. I was checking on Chloe paddingtons and she said the only colors left are white and she thought nutmeg.
  10. Every NM is having this private sale. So NM SF and NM Palo Alto will have the same sale. (I see that you are from the
    Bay area.) ;)
  11. We can send bags anywhere, its great!!! We have Ediths also
  12. My sa at NM in San Antonio can send you things. She sends my stuff in NY. Her name is Steph
  13. Are the paddingtons satchel included? I just called NM SF they said paddington satchel is not included in the sale.:crybaby:
  14. Paddington satchel is included. I wonder who told you that it isn't? I work here at NM SF. Now its just a matter of fact if we can find you one or not.
  15. I Just called Lisa as well...she is SOOO nice..she is going to look for the black paddington shopper for me..
    She says she doesn't have a lot of the paddingtons left, but she has a lot of the edith style...
    Also, she doesn't have any Dior at her store.
    She also might have the paddington cross body in nutmeg