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  1. Does anyone know how to post private messages on this new system? I can't figure it out. Help.
  2. I haven't tried but the info thread said they are called conversations now as you can share them with multiple people.
  3. We can do a test conversation. Hold on.
  4. On the top right of your screen in the black bar you will see your avatar then a tray icon that looks like the old inbox. Tap or click the tray and it will take you to Conversations.
  5. Yep, top left where you see your avatar houses all of this. The middle box is for your pms/conversations (new platform calls it conversations). You can start a new convo and the cool thing is it's super easy to add people to if you'd like and it leaves a running conversation to peruse! Let me know if you need additional help! :flowers:
  6. I am using the desktop tPF version through Safari on my iPad so it puts the Conversation icon top right.
    Didn't mean to confuse anyone. I guess the version @Megs is using has the icon top left. I usually use the mobile app for Apple, but really liking this new update in safari. :tup:
    Except for one thing - I miss my running doggie icon. :huh::sad:
  7. Yes, there's a few of those animated icons missing that crack me up. Hopefully they will add them eventually. I do like that the are easier to select now versus opening another page.:yes:
  8. Omg it is top right for me too!! I'm actually really bad and left and right!

    Which other emojis are you missing?! I'll have @Vlad add them!!!
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  9. I remember the animated running dog, the beating a dead horse, thank you, faint, handbag slap, hugs, search....gosh there were a bunch that I cannot remember. the names.
  10. :faint: :bagslap: :hugs: all there!

    Check under Help - Smilies. Link on the bottom of the page!
  11. Well alrighty then. Thanks Vlad and Megs!

    Oh about "the Purse Forum Rocks"? :biggrin:
  12. I don't see the devil smilie. :-s
  13. Oh yes, we definitely need that one.
  14. This is all new to me guys. I've been absent for a little while and to my surprise I couldn't log in so I had to reset my password. When I got in everything was different. Hey if we didn't like change we wouldn't buy so many bags right? I think... :-s
  15. Am I just missing it? Does anyone know how to set the threads to open up at the last read post? They are set as the 1st post. Thanks!
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