"Private" LVR sale of 05 Balenciaga Bags

  1. Hey Gals,

    DH got a notice today via pdf that LVR was having a sale on 05 bal bags. There were three listed, one in fuschia, one in rose, and one in wine. I'm sorry I don't know the names of the style but they were all small bags.

    Oh, and an ivory boobie! :P

    Good luck!
  2. How much was the boobie and the others, hm? Thanks!
  3. whats LVR and do you have the contact info? tia!!
  4. OMG I placed an order with them last week for 3 Boobies. What a pain. They only accept PayPal and the ordering process is emails back and forth. My package is now in Paris (my boobies are in paris, whats wrong with this picture!) and I should have it in a day or so. They DO ship fast and by Fedex from Italy. Duty/Customs fees will apply. Not sure I would buy from them again, but we'll see. It would have to be one helluva deal for me.
  5. Thanks for posting. I went to you website and I coudn't find any balenciaga bags. Where do you go to see the bags on sale? Do you need the pdf file?
  6. Hi,
    Can you tell us how much is the discount? Thanks!

    I'd love to get a first in wine colour, sigh...but i guess they are probaby gone already.
  7. Girls, I got an email with PDF attached from Luisa via Roma last week, on the 25th of October. I guess they send these emails to those who ever inquired at LVR for Balenciagas, because I never bought frm them, only inquired. There were several bags listed but several TPFers bought them - there is an ongoing discusison on this in the Balenciaga section of this forum.

    Luisa does not list Balenciaga bags on the website, but it is possible to inquire them on availability and buy from them through email. You can find their email on the website. If you still want to suffer and see the pdf file I got, just PM me! I'll send it to you gladly!
  8. Could you please pm me the pdf file?
    Thank you
  9. they are NOT first bags. those and the cities have sold out. They have a wine in a shoulder, magenta in a shoulder and a white boobie left.
  10. How much is the magenta, does anyone know?
  11. i think the magenta shoulder bag was 375EU
  12. Thanks for the info, girls! ;)
  13. They 3 bags and the boobie were all 30% off. You have to contact them directly for the bags and discount - they aren't on the web.

    PM with your email if you still need the pdf!!