Private Listing?

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  1. How do they do that? and why?:confused1:
  2. Do you mean "private bidders?"
  3. "private feedback"? or names of bidders kept private?
  4. I know that some sellers do it to protect bidders.
    A lot of times, eBay scammers will target bidders with bogus 2nd chance offers.

    I've bid on private auctions before, but usually only if it's someone really reputable or someone from here :smile:
  5. Private auctions protect the bidders, but in feedback can also mean trouble depending on the seller. You can make your listings private by, hmm its somewhere around the item quantity if I remember correctly.
  6. I meant private listing.. when i press on a feedback of a seller.. some items are not listed it says "private" so u cant check a specific feedback for a certain private auction
  7. When listing the item, the seller chose to make the auction private - thus hiding the list of bidders from other ebayers.

    It was easier in the old selling format to make your auctions private. Don't know why they changed it! Anyway, to make it private you have to first click on show/hide option at the top of the selling page. A pop up box will appear - somewhere in there, there's an option to add the private auction function. This will add the private option (which you have to select) below the area where you enter the starting price. Select that option, and nobody else will see the list of bidders except you. Hope that makes sense. A little tired..................
  8. ^^ Yes it does.. Thanks everyone :smile:
  9. I wish there was a way to have the things you buy private but the things you sell public. I don't like how other people can see what I buy but I do want them to see what I've sold.

    I've asked eBay and they said to have a buying account and a selling account. Thats to much trouble.