Private feedback?

  1. Why would someone with 100% positive fb keep their fb private?
  2. Maybe they don't want people to see what they are purchasing:graucho:
  3. That and alot of scammers contact their buyers and sellers that way. If they have 100% positive feedback and its private it doesnt bother me, but if theres even one neg, I stay away.
  4. I guess you are right.
  5. Yeah, some people don't want people to know what they buy. Also, there won't be any more sellers with private feedback because you can no longer put your listing up on eBay with private feedback.
  6. With Private Feedback, You Can:
    1.hide What You Are Buying To Resell (ie, Fakes)
    2.hide Neg Feedback In The Positive Rating (the Customer Gave Them A Pos Feedback,but Wrote A Neg Comment, It's Done So The Seller Won't Neg Feedback You In Return,but You Hide The Neg In A Pos.)
  7. It Is Generally A Sketchy Thing To Do, There Is No Good Reason For It