Private Feedback

  1. Where do I go to see Private Feedback? I know there is a place like, but for private.

  2. Nothing....if a seller has private feedback that's usually a clue that something is wrong....I try to stay away from those sellers...I mean if their feedback is good why not show it off?
  3. you cant! its private.
  4. There is some place like goofbaydotcom where the private fb is uncovered. I am working on a report and would like to use this for my evidence.

    I wouldn't buy from anyone with private fb. If their sales or purchases are x-rated, all they need to do is list and/or buy via private auctions, dah!
  5. The only way that I know of is to search their past transactions for the last 30 days and look at the feedback left by bidder. I hope that helps. :sad: