Private Feedback? Why?

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  1. Hi Ladies....

    I just wanted your thoughts on this one... I have a potential buyer with 100% positive feedback but it is private... why would anyone do this?:confused1:

    I cant think of a reason and it is slightly putting me off the buyer... would you be worried too?:shrugs:

    Any thoughts?:heart:
  2. I have private feedback. (My buying account).

    It is also 100% positive.

    I don't want anyone clicking on my feedback and being able to view what I've purchased!

    I have two accounts, one for selling and one for buying.

    My purchases are private. Especially around the holidays, family members could snoop!
  3. If it bothers you, you can email the potential buyer and ask.
  4. Thanks for that... thats probably what I thought it was... actually now I think about it I wouldnt want my DH to see how much I spent on bags... maybe I should make mine private...hehe
  5. Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. If your friends and family know your account it's I'd say it's better to have it private.
  7. Take care, because the seller who scammed me had private feedback (around 30, though)! I couldnt make out WHY was that, but I guess he was doing it on purpose... maybe buying 3-euro stuff to gain Positive feedback!
    Anyway, I'd take care now, FOR SURE!!

  8. LOL! If mine ever found out what Ispend on bags he would pass out.

    Another reason someone could have private feedback is similar: they buy things that are possibly embarassing. I would ask though as the poster above said.
  9. I personally no longer sell to buyers with private feedback
  10. every problem i have had, have been with private....i will not buy from private feedback, although reasons here seem a very good reason alfie x
  11. ^I don't think you can sell if you have private feedback. Did they make it private after you purchased from them?
  12. No seller's cannot have private feedback.

    The OP 's issue was with a potential BUYER.
  13. ^^^oooo oooo good idea...then I can hide stuff from DH!!! LOL
  14. i've made mine private during christmas buying time so family who look at what I sell and buy can't see their gifts (sad I know)
  15. I have a lot of bidders with private feedback. I'm pretty sure that their significant others can't see what they've been buying. Nothing bad, but I'm sure hubby doesn't want to know how much they spent on that coat that just appeared in the closet!