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  1. I know we've discussed internet privacy, but I'm watching Wife Swap where the family had no doorknobs and no locks on the kids' bedroom doors. They weren't allowed to go over friends' houses or have people over.

    My question is: do teenagers deserve their privacy? How much privacy is too much privacy?

    I don't know, because I don't have kids, but for a while, I didn't feel I needed a lock on my bedroom door. Once I felt I needed one, it was installed on my door. My parents never read my journal or snooped in my room. They never listened in on my phone calls. But they trusted me and for the most part, I was open and honest with them.
  2. Ohh, touchy subject. Everyone deserves some degree of privacy, but if I didn't check on my kids and know what was going on in their lives I wouldn't be doing my job as a parent.
  3. My mom listened to phone calls and read my diary. To this day, at age 42, I am still a little irritated about her reading my diary. As far as the listening to my phone calls, well I can forgive her for that one. I do think people should have someplace private to vent thoughts and feelings. A lot of times that is all they are -thoughts and feelings.
    I don't have kids either- so I really can't say what I would do in today's world. I have two neices, both teenagers and I do put internet blocks on when they are over. It isn't that I don't trust them, I don't trust what kind of stuff people are going to post on websites like Craigslist or Myspace and I don't want them telling their mom they got the opportunity to see anything bad while at my house.
  4. Everyone deserves some privacy. . . until tehy screw up and lose that privilege.
    My children will absolutely be permited to close thier doors, but when I updated all the hardware in this house I deliberately didn't put locking knobs on the guest room/children's room's.

    I'll grant my children the same respect my paren'ts gave me, no snooping or micromanaging unless they screw up the trust.
  5. I don't have kids, but I was a kid once, and knew some others, so I would have to say that it doesn't really matter what my opinion or yours is about what kids deserve or don't.

    I knew kids whose parents did all the listening and reading, etc, and those kids simply did not utilize those particular methods to communicate anything that the parents might not wish to see or hear.

    Once young folks get to a certain age, they will obtain a certain degree of privacy, and they will address their curiosity about certain subjects, and about all the parents can really control is how much they wish their children to distance themselves.

  6. I am reminded of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. Marie finds Raymond's childhood diary and it has; 'I EHAT MY MOM!' written in it (in 'code').

    She also finds Robert's diary and points out, to Raymond, that it only says nice things like; 'Great dinner tonight!'.

    Raymond points out that Robert had two diaries; this dummy one and a real one he kept hidden! :lol:
  7. There is an old thread already on this topic if you do a search!TIA!
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