1. ok, New Zealand is pretty behind the times when it comes to music and movies...
    PRISONBREAK has just started here... we're up to episode 3 - which will screen 2moro night... every wednesday i have a date with Wentworth... i really dont like the outfit he wears when he turns up... but it will do!!! :roflmfao:
    i'm just really addicated to it!!! i tape it because LOST is on the other channel even thought PRISIONBREAK is like an hour after LOST i still just tape PRISONBREAK and watch it and then in the weekend i watch it again!!!!!!!! :Push: i'm really nuts!!!! hehehehhehehehehehe!!! I just cant get enough of Wentworth Miller!!!! :love:
  2. omg i loved it! I cant wait till the next season starts! It was one of the best shows i have ever watched! It is soo good!!!!!!!!!! I still cant believe i have to wait like 6 months (i think) before it comes on again. I'm out of the U.S. also so i had to wait an extra 3 months :sad:

    I think there are other P.B. lovers out there, im just not sure where they are. But at least there's two of us!!!
  3. Wentworth is certainly easy on the eyes ! i wouldnt mind his slippers under my bed. :love:
  4. I thought the whole season was fantastic. The show really started out with a bang.
  5. Prison Break was one of my favorite shows!! I can't wait for next season to start! =)
  6. Hmmmm maybe I should pick up the first season!!
  7. It's a really great show! I can't wait to see what happens in the fall.
  8. this is one from the last season i cannot *wait* to come out on dvd. september needs to hurry up!
  9. Oh man, I am DYING waiting for next season!!!

    Same with Lost. Ack, I want a universal remote just so I can ffwd time to watch the shows
  10. I started watching it just for "that guy from the Mariah Carey videos" but once I started watching it, I was hooked! I love Michael & Sarah's forbidden romance! =)
  11. ive got a date tonight!!! woo hoo PRISONBREAK is on! :love:
  12. greatest show i've watches is PB, then comes LOST, then comes Grey's anatomy :yes:
  13. i'm off to get ready to watch PRISONBREAK!!! :love:

    he's SO HOT HOT HOT!!!! :tender:
  14. Are you excited?!
    Prison Break is premiering tonight!
    i :heart::heart::heart::heart: wentworth miller!!!!!
  15. oooo...I can't wait! I certainly am excited!!! I'm not complaining or anything but why is PrisonBreaks season starting so earlier than most?
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