Prison Break

  1. after i rea the prison break look a like thread adn searched through the subs, i can't beliveve there's a thread on this series alone!

    i just wacthed the 1st season until the 5th episode and totally can't get my eyes away!
    it's a GREAT mobie and wentworth miller aka michael scofield is such a hunk! :love:

    i love this series!
  2. LOVE the eye candy! hehehe
  3. Oh god - so agree!

    Mrs Wentworth Miller to be:graucho: !!!!!
  4. I thought there was a Prison Break thread already ??? I thought helenz created it ??

    Oh well ... love Wentworth.
  5. FYI...

    PB returns tonight (Monday) for a new season. I know many of you enjoy the show, so just a heads up!:okay:
  6. I'm excited...although very curious how much longer than can stretch the show. I remember reading somewhere that the creators thought three seasons would be perfect, and I'm starting to agree.
  7. I am SO EXCITED!!!
  8. im excited...but as another poster, im curious to see what the plot is going to be this season...i hope it doesn't get too stupid. the show is titled Prison They've already broke..
  9. it starts tonight?!?!?!
    Between this, The Hills and Football, I should probably get started on doing some work so that tonight can be TV time!!!!
  10. I heard that the Sara character will no longer be a part of the show.
  11. so.... how was it ???
  12. Less than an hour to go where I am! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!
  13. I loved this before.....I was totally addicted.....but I dont think I can stand another long season of Micheal trying to break out of another prison !!!!!!
  14. So far, it looks interesting...but, again, you really have to "suspend disbelief" to enjoy this show.
  15. :heart::heart::heart::heart: Wentworth Miller... he's soooo hot...
    it was funny that he was deemed the "best looking" guy in the prison...
    my bf was like.. i don't get why everyone says he is so good looking? :confused1:
    i was like... are you serious? :wtf: :roflmfao:

    i thought the opening is pretty good, i just hope that they can keep it up!