"Prison Break" actor in car crash that killed teen

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  1. oh my god..... this is just sad...
  2. :Push: :wtf: :sad: OMG!!!
  3. sad
  4. So sad. Am I the only one wondering what a 26 yr-old is doing with a 17 yr-old guy and 2 15 yr-old girls? Maybe I'm getting too suspicious in my old age with all these other creepy guy stories in the news.
  5. Exactly what first came to my mind.
  6. :sad: that's so sad

  7. oh my god ..the same thing popped on my mind too ..

    so sad for the killed boy:crybaby:
  8. CNN was saying that they believe he was drinking & driving. Stupid stupid.
  9. :yes: I'm wondering the same thing.
  10. so sad :sad:
  11. Please tell me he wasn't drunk driving???
  12. gosh, what is he thinking?
  13. Tragic. Whatever the circumstances.
  14. This is so sad =(