Prism Keepall - should I get it?

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  1. hey all ,

    Hace the opportunity to snatch a prism keepall. Any known issues with the bag? Anyone who loves it?
  2. There are a lot of issues with the plastic bubbling. I wouldn’t buy one secondhand.
  3. Nope. Not the worth the price, not worth the hype. It was hot for five minutes and now we’ve all moved on to the next thing.
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  4. No.
  5. No.
  6. The made in France ones have bubble issues so if you really want one, get made in USA ones. Prism Volga is out now although it is by far... It’s a lot cheaper and may be a good fix for you prism itch? :graucho: Another alternative is Christopher but it’s even pricier than keepall.
  7. No. It looks and feels cheap irl.
  8. A big NO.
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    I am sure that me telling you this is redundant, but there is no way on the entire universe that you can get your hands on one brand new, so you would have to get it preloved and the prices are beyond jacked.

    If you are willing to pay the ransom-like prices for one, aside from the bubbling I have seen up close two different issues:
    1) One that got a small hole that just got bigger. Whilst it was not a ditch, it was unrepairable. The PVC on this bag is thicker than the average plastic bag, but I would take this into account.
    2) Another one that got sticky with heat and left a sticky feeling and ugly smell on the hands and the things inside it. PVC’s melting temperature is way beyond high temperatures on Earth, so it is not like the bag will actually melt, but this was definitely uncomfortable.

    So you may think that two bags are just two fishes in a huge ocean, but do consider that the production number is super low, so the percentage of issues on this is quite high. Maybe not as in the ikat Neverfull, but definitely high.
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  10. PVC is just not a good material for the long term.
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  11. B-b-but it looks good on Instagram! Isn't that what these things are for? Travel? Who cares about that?
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  12. LOL
    Kind of true.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again: one of the reasons Kim Jones was great was because he didn't let the design of his pieces overwhelm the practicality and functionality of them. He travels a lot and knows the importance travel to the heritage of the brand.

    Virgil Abloh, on the other hand, is only interested in turning heads, practicality be damned. Very shallow, which makes him perfect for the era of the Kardashians.
  14. I agree with everyone here. Good wow factor but if you plan on using this at all the material is not practical. Only good if you have your own private jet and the bag can get its own seat. I’m sure something like this would get wrecked in no time, material bubbling issues or not.
  15. Interesting. Following.
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