Priscilla MC

  1. Hey all, I believed those who replied to my earlier thread will noe that I was torn between chosing a Saleya Azur & Mini Lin.... ytd went down to the store and I exchanged my Saleya Azur PM & pochette monnaie wallet for a Priscilla MC... watcha tink of tis baby? Pretty? My galfren told me its boxy and looks like a dumpling... :confused1: ..between Priscilla and Trouville (handles are a tad too short for arm carry though) which will u chose?!! :shrugs:

    meanwhile: Here's the pix of my Priscilla ...
  2. I love your beautiful MC Priscilla! Great choice. If you love her - keep her. Not boxy at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love:
  3. Your MC Priscilla is stunning! I have the black one which was purchased last year and absolutely love it.
  4. Looks good!
  5. ya... priscilla is a bit boxy for me... I prefer the Touville :yes: and congrats!
  6. Priscilla is more lady, the shape is just classic and it's timeless, and it goes well for all ages. I think the trouville is super cute and chic, more trendy than timeless. I personally would go with the priscilla because it seems easier to use. Trouville looks too much like a mini suit case...a very cute one though!
  7. Yeah ritey..i tink Priscilla is spacious than Trouville and not to mention, Trouville is heavy wif the metal corners on its 4 sides..:graucho:
  8. I love the Priscilla! It's at the top of my wishlist. :love: :love: Congrats, hon!
  9. Priscilla is such a cutie! I love it!
  10. gorgeous! congrats!
  11. Very pretty! Congrats!
  12. beautiful! congrats! couldn't have gone wrong with this one.
  13. I think the shape is adorable but too small!
  14. Beautiful...congrats!
  15. i just love this bag, if i don't get the pegase 60 this weekend, then I will totally get the priscilla in white.