Priscilla Fake... Please help to REPORT!!! TIA

  1. Reported!
  2. I reported it too!
  3. Thanks, John :flowers:

    Thanks, qtpie4u34 :flowers:
  4. I reported it too.
  5. Thanks ppl.... It's still there1:crybaby:
  6. I kinda wish LV did make that bag in mono....its really cute (a real one, not a fake one).:shame:
  7. << Okay, I had dreams of doing a SO from some of the designs in the MC line. Now I don't feel like doing an SO. >>

    What's an SO?

    That bag looks pretty convincing from the outside, doesn't it?

    I don't bother reporting anything, as nothing ever happens. Someone keeps selling fake LV boots. I reported them a few times, but the auction goes on, ends at $150-ish each time, and he puts another pair up the next day. I've seen them on iOffer, too, for $50.
  8. SO = special order
  9. :wtf: This is a replica! You probably would buy it too then?
  10. I saw this earlier today and reported it, too!
  11. Sure... if you wanna consider bad alignment, off-color canvas, faux leather, and off-color glazing "pretty convincing"... :s
  12. Well as you can see, I am still learning. :smile:
  13. :push: What an eye sore!:yucky: . Reported. You can still report it even after it's sold. They do get pulled.;)
  14. REPORTED:cursing: