Priority Mail not delivered - how long to wait?

  1. I realize this is still to early, but I made a purchase from eBay. The seller shipped the item Priority Mail with tracking and insurance on September 6th. On the 9th it was scanned in NJ, and there has been no update since then on the USPS tracking and confirmation site.

    I realize that 9 days is too early to do anything, but Priority Mail is supposed to take 2-3 business days! How long does a person have to wait until the USPS will reimburse the seller? Or what sort of action, if any, should I take from here? How long should I wait?

    I just have to vent that I have never had anything but bad luck with the USPS. I realize they ship thousands of packages a day, but it seems they only lose mine. They have lost two packages and one letter of mine within the last year, and now this. I HATE the USPS. Next time I will request that the seller send via UPS. They may beat up their boxes a little, but at least they deliver!
  2. I would wait until Monday and then send a message to the seller.
  3. Sorry this is happening to you!

    I believe you have to wait 21 days (not 100% sure though) until you can file an insurance claim. Until then, USPS won't do anything. At least, that's what I've been told.

    I know that Priority Mail is supposed to be 2-3 days but it is not guaranteed. 9 days seems a little too long though... Hopefully you receive it soon!
  4. Just to be sure, you haven't called your local PO to check if it's waiting there for you have you? If it requires a signature and you weren't home it will just sit at the PO until you come sign for it. And those little silly cards get lost easily...

    Anyway, it's worth a try.

    The other thing is, that you said it was SCANNED in NJ on the 9th? If she is in NJ, that means that the PO just received it then, so it's only really been 4 days since then (and priority isn't guaranteed in 2-3 days). Did the email on Sept. 6 just say that the PO had been notified to expect the pkg? That doesn't mean it was sent, it just means she printed the mailing label.

    Hope it's one of those situations and it gets there soon!
  5. No, it was scanned originally in PA on the 6th, and then arrived in NJ on the 9th. So she did actually send it the 6th. I will call or stop by my post office on Monday to check and see if they have it, although I would guess that it would be scanned at that post office, too. Nothing is listed on the tracking and confirmation site after the 9th in NJ (I am in WI).

    And I realize that Priority Mail is not guaranteed. I think that is another huge scam, personally. They make you pay more for packages they can still deliver whenever they normally might and you have no recourse because even though you paid more it wasn't guaranteed. I am glad I purchased insurance, at least, although I'd rather have the item I purchased!
  6. In my experience, USPS people only scan packages when they feel like it. Sometimes I check the package's status and the tracking info only shows that it was electronically accepted by the PO and then the next day I get the package... Or sometimes the info says it was received and processed by shipper's local PO and then 2-3 days later I get the package and only after that do I see that the tracking info shows it as delivered. Some locations do scan the packages throughout the delivery process while others only scan the origin and final destination...
  7. Did you call the PO? I recently had a priority mail package that got lost (sent by my mom), and although they told me I would have to wait ~14 days to file a claim, I threw a fit and ultimately received it 2 days later.

    I'm not endorsing the fit, BTW, but I was soooo frustrated that my mom had paid $30+ bucks to send the package priority and no one cared that it didn't arrive.
  8. Maybe delays from the storms. While I realize that you are FAR from it, it is causing delays throughout U.S.

    Unrelated I had a package last week take 6 days. I think you will likely get in Monday. If not, call your P.O. maybe it was missorted.
  9. Im still waiting for my package, which was supposedly shipped on the 5th. The tracking only shows 'info received' too. I never had a pckg delayed this long, but it sounds like its happening to a lot of people recently.
  10. It took 2 weeks for a priority package to get to me.. sometimes its misrouted or delayed.. bad weather lately.. I say monday or tues.
  11. I sent a bag on the 3rd and my buyer has not rec'd it yet either and no update on the USPS website. The Post Office told me we have to wait 21 days to file a claim, WTH??? I am going to go back tomorrow and have a fit :cursing:
  12. I am still waiting on a package to arrive from 8/26 - via priority mail. Lots of delays and the system does not seem to be updating.

    Good luck!!!
  13. Oh wow, now that's a long time for a priority mail package. Ugh!!!

  14. Tell me about it. ;)
  15. I mailed something priority mail from VA to CA and it took over a week to get there.