Priority Mail International OR Express Mail International

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  1. EMI seems to cost more. I can't figure out what it offers over PMI. Can someone educate me? I need to send a package to HK - which would you use? TIA
  2. Hi..I have sent numerous packages overseas and 95% of the time I use Priority Mail, but I will never do that again. I mailed a Suhali wallet to Australia on 6/10 via Priority, which they told me would be about 6-10 days. Somehow it got misrouted and was in the UK, for almost 2 weeks and did not move. I finally had to put a tracer on it and they finally found it. Thank goodness for my patient customer, as it took over a month to arrive and got there yesterday. What a relief. Next time I will chip in the extra few dollars and make sure it is there in 3 days.
  3. I prefer EMI for Intl. shipping. It's much faster.
  4. oh, i see. other than the speed of delivery, is there any other difference? i believe you can get tracking, insurance and signature confirmation with both, correct? do you think signature confirmation is necessary if there is tracking? i just want to try and save this buyer $. thanks!
  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think you can get tracking with Priority Mail. It says you can (with the label number on the receipt), but I think it only tracks inside the US. With Express you can track outside the US, too. I think signature confirmation is a good idea. When checking postage prices on it doesn't give an option for signature confirmation, but I think it comes with it if insurance is above a certain price? I might be wrong though.
  6. Per paypal, any transaction cost (item PLUS shipping) $250 & up REQUIRES signature confirmation as proof of delivery. For less than $250, PP says delivery confirmation will suffice. Personally, I always get sig confirm on anything over $100. And ALWAYS insure for price item sold for. Do BOTH of these things for YOUR protection.
    How much is the item sold??
  7. That is correct, priority mail int'l is not trackable and I don't think you can get signature confirmation on it either. EMS is the best way to go as it requires a signature. It is a bit more expensive but worth it to me.
  8. I would insure, delivery confirmation and signature.. don't take any chances

    especially shipping overseas.. lately there are so many shipping issues

    coming up with PF'ers that you need to do this so you know your package

    arrives and EMS is a good choice.. worth it in the long run
  9. In May my DH shipped several records to Germany via Priority Mail...never got there, refunded, etc. Well, he just heard from the buyer (who was honest and nice enough to refund the refund)...the package had been to Honduras :wtf: before finally making its way to Germany.

    If it's valuable, send it Express.
  10. I send all of my international packages USPS Express mail. I have shipped all over the world and nothing has ever been lost. I wouldn't take the chance on Priority International.
  11. I tried looking up cost online and I do not see a signature required option. Is Edna correct that signature is automatically required if the bag is over a certain amount? I'm planning to insure it for over $500. Also, don't I have to fill out a customs form? Does online provide that after you finish buying the postage or do I need to go into a post office to get it? Thanks!
  12. If you create your label online, it automatically let's you fill out the customs form... make sure you put the value of the merchandise just in case your item gets lost.

    Remember that when using USPS Express Mail, the local post in that country will handle the mail ( some countries have a corrupt system and the item may be in other's hands for that matter )
  13. Urm ..i'm from australia i've had a priority mail package sent to me from the states and i can actually track it online :S

    OP : I personally prefer EMI but since the price hike I use Priority now days =]
  14. I always send EMI. It can be tracked, Priority tracking stops at our borders. The only time I had something lost, it had been sent Priority International.
  15. EMI/ EMS (express mail service) for international shipping, fast and secure.