Priority Mail International... Covered by paypal seller protection?


May 19, 2007
I need to ship a package to a confirmed paypal buyer in the UK.
I am not familiar with priority mail international.

Does anybody know if it's like Domestic Prioirty mail- meaning, does this service offer delivery confirmation so that I am protected under paypal's seller protection policy?
Much thanks in advance!!!
This is what comes up with. It doesn't say anything about delivery confirmation. Tracking is only available to major destinations. Whatever that means ;), but it could be difficult in case you would have to proof shipment to paypal.

Priority Mail® International
Product Features & Benefits
Priority Mail International is a reliable, cost-effective way to send documents and merchandise to over 190 countries
All domestic Priority Mail packaging including the flat rate envelope and boxes available for international shipping

6 to 10 average business day delivery to major destinations

Tracking to major destinations

Limited indemnity coverage provided at no extra charge

Insurance available for a fee

Domestic Priority Mail flat rate boxes can be used for international shipping:
One rate to Canada and Mexico—$23.00
One rate to Rest of the World—$37.00

20 pound maximum

Requires customs declaration form PS Form 2976-A

Online shipping convenience!
I always use Express International Shipping with USPS. It's still very reasonable as compared to UPS or FedEx and you're covered with paypal seller protection if you ship to a confirmed address.
wow thanks girls for the quick response! phew good to clarify, it's a little unclear on the paypal website and i wasn't sure if it was even an option that protects you....
Is the buyer a confirmed paypal address? I thought UK buyers didn't have confirmed paypal addresses... To be covered by Paypal, it must be a confirmed address.

In any case, just some warning. I recently sent a package to Germany using EMS and the buyer didn't receive the package after three attempts of delivery. She ended up going to the post office and picking it up herself. When I checked the online delivery confirmation, the website could NOT VERIFY delivery, even though the buyer told me she signed and picked up the package. That could potentially be a big problem for me if someone tried to file a Paypal claim!
Hi, I think they just added UK as able to have confirmed paypal addresses (I think Canada as well) hmmm that is really bad new about the ems not showing up... i wonder if it's possible to get a copy of signature for pick up like they do here for domestic mail....
thithi, USPS packages are delivered by DHL here in Germany. The update on DHL tracking information can take pretty long sometimes. I had packages already delivered while the tracking said it was still in transit.