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    One of my teacher buddies took her daughter to an educational excursion on today. Many students from across our state were competing against each other to get a few spots available in a very prestigious program. My friend noticed one young lady was dressed like a million bucks, and was carrying a Coach bag that was very current and very expensive. Many people complimented the well dressed student on her outfit. When it was time for the young lady to go into the writing portion, she riffled through her bag. She had the lastest everything, but a PEN. This may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but as a teacher, this is a prime example of stylish and unprepared. My friend wanted me to share this with you guys because she knows I come here every 20 minutes (except when sleeping.) I am not judging, the young lady has wonderful taste in bags.
  2. you should introduce her to a japanese stationary store. they have the cutest writing accessories! seriously, not to gloat but i have the prettiest binders, notebook, pens and pencils and pencil holder...if i could show you i would but unfortunately there's a long story to as why i can't post pics (digi and computer blues)

    she probably doesn't think much about having a pretty pen because she hasn't seen one that she thinks is beautiful?

    i'm super picky. everything of mine has to be in my mind 'pretty'. my phone, my bag, even my school supplies.

    if she's ever in san francisco tell her to visit MaiDo in SFC or Kinokuniya stationary store in japantown (the best)

    there's also a MaiDo in santana row, san jose.
  3. Yep, I'm 33 and addicted to the cute Japanese pens and pads and papers. Heck I even have My Melody refills in my LV agenda.

    My first job was at a stationary store that sold Cross, Waterman, Parker and Mont Blanc. I always liked a good pen.

    But I agree, this is great advice.
  4. A pen is a pen to me. I'm just particular that it's blue and it writes in bright blue. I buy papermate light blue in bulk (60 at a time).
  5. I can appreciate that! I carry a pen in my checkbook holder, my only concern is that it never leaks while in the bag!
  6. A leaking pen is BAD! I've never had that happen to me, and I don't want it to!:wtf:
    Do you have a website I can visit for the Japanese store?
  7. i am happy as long as my pens write in cute colors, i do try to match the pen ink to what i am wearing.
  8. i agree, if she had a pen she liked -it would always be in her purse.
    coach needs to make a pen for our coach purses.
  9. I like the pens from Levenger, but would also love to see others. I too have to have pretty things in my purse! :p
  10. I would love it if Coach made a the bangles but in pen form.