Priorities of a Purse Forum Wardrobe

  1. Like everyone on tpf, I love purses. Unfortunately for me and my bank account, I love very expensive purses but I also love all aspects of fashion; shoes, coats, dresses, scarfs, name it, I can get enthusiastic about it. I'm fortunate in that I can afford a lot more than many girls my age but I'm still far from being able to buy things without looking at the price tag. Therefore, I find I have to prioritise items in my wardrobe and many of designers I like for purses, I wouldn't dream of buying clothing from. For example, while I use a Chanel purse almost every other day, I would never even dream of buying clothes from Chanel. For clothes, I buy High Street (I live in the UK) to mid-range pieces such as Topshop, Marc by Marc Jacobs and 3.1 Phillip Lim. I find myself trying to buy quality rather than quantity (Primark is definitely a no-go for me for this reason!) and prioritise coats, dresses and shoes as items that I spend a little more on. I often wonder if I should economise on what bags I buy (within reason of course!) to be able to afford a more well rounded wardrobe.

    So I was wondering what everyone else does? Do you prioritise items in your wardrobe (or simply value purses above EVERYTHING?!) or just buy very occasionally and only the best? Or are you one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to make that distinction and just buys whatever she feels like?! :smile: Would be great and very interesting to know!
  2. I don't carry any bags that are super expensive (i'm a Coach girl!) but I think that it doesn't matter what brand your clothes are. A great bag (high-end or low-end!) can make your outfit.

    I wear >$50 jeans, $20 tops, etc. with $400 bags. Clothes are pretty much disposable...I mean, you grow out of them, they wear out quickly (not all things, but many things) and they go out of style much faster than accessories.

    A great handbag can be worn for years, but certain shirts are outdated after a year or two.
  3. I am 17 and also live in the Uk at the moment I don't have a part time job so I use either money I have saved up or my dad buys my clothes - not bags though. I started getting interested in bags when I was 16 and since then have accumulated 2 high end designer bags, a chloe paddington and balenciaga courier. I am in the same predicament as you because with my Christmas money I can buy either a speedy 35 and wallet or clothes and wallet or clothes and bag. Usually I prioritize with what I need over what I want. At the moment I NEED better quality clothes but I want a bag also. I think you have to work out if your bags are being used enough e.g. my bags are only used on the weekend as I have college during the week, however I do not have a uniform so I wear casual clothes all of the time and these eventually get worn out. I think you should buy what you need most of the time and what you want when you can really afford it. I also buy the designer clothing I have in sales such as the net-a-porter sales, as they have 3.1 phillip lim, chloe, anna sui and McQ for good affordable prices.

    I am looking at these at the moment:
  4. Being old enough to be most of you girls' mother, I already have the basics in place and only need to add a few pieces at the start of each season. (If my DH heard me say that he would ask why on earth I keep adding throughout the season, LOL!)

    But it is true that good clothes are investments. Things like pants, coats, jackets, seem to stay current for up to about five years ... I'm currently wearing pants I bought nearly three years ago and they still look right. Tops are really variable ... they tend to come and go a lot more quickly than other pieces, but I also have a few that just keep on going, and keep on getting compliments, year after year.

    Main labels in my wardrobe are Ralph Lauren, D & G, Dana Buchman and Australians will know good old David Jones. Nothing too expensive - since discovering LV, I'd rather splurge on my next handbag!
  5. I tend to spend most of my money on handbags (Chanel, Gucci, and LV) and jeans. I go cheaper on tops, with the occasional splurge. My shoes are a mix. I go for what is cute and comfortable. I buy nice sunglasses and make-up. I always look at the price and look for a great deal. I don't tend to stick to one label as far as clothes go.
  6. Most of my money goes to bags. Bags are rather my top priority since they last longer then any other item I wear. Coats, scarves, and dresses I can see why you'd spend more money on as my second priorities. Good quality denim as well. But anything cotton such as sweaters, tshirts, cardigans, etc. I refuse to spend a lot of money (designer) on. I could care less about expensive tops since they are prone to damage.
  7. well I love designer bags like Chloe, Gucci, Dior and more to come I hope....

    But I am also addicted to buying nice jeans like Paige, Sevens, Hudson (my latest love) and any others I like that fit well....

    Then come the jackets....I have soooo many, from fall jackets to winter coats, down jackets, and then the spring collection....and I LOVE them all. I wrote about my latest Mackage leather jacket under the wardrobe thread, and another BCBG wool one is on the way.

    So I tend not to pay so much on tops/sweater or shoes. Mind you I got a few designer (Chloe, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Pedro Garcia) shoes in the past year but I can't really see myself being addicted to shoes as I enjoy my feet being totally comfortable in flats 90% of the time.
  8. I'm same as Gucci Fan. I splurge on LV and jeans but tops, jewerly, and shoes are a mix of whatever is affordable.
  9. I love purses and those are my first priority. I like nice jeans like Seven's, True Religion, and Frankie. As for everything else I shop at H&M and Forever 21 for trendy pieces. I'd rather spend money on jeans and purses.
  10. I stick to basics - nothing trendy - but don't spend much on tops, sweaters, or jackets. I do spend $$ on jeans, but don't pay full price for them (Nordstrom Rack, Loehmann's etc). I spend a lot on accessories. Nice bags, Chloe and LV, and for glasses and sunglasses it's Chanel. I never, ever, ever wear junk jewelry. My BF got me the 6-diamond Cartier Love ring, which I wear all the time. Other than that, it's Tiffany sterling silver.

    I tend to go towards other trendy accessories, like scarves and headbands and whatnot, to update my basics for cheap.
  11. im 17 and like others on here, i splurge on handbags and the like. i buy expensive bags (coach to gucci) and eyewear (prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses).. but since i don't even have my own income i don't really buy relatively expensive clothes. i wear clothes from urban outfitters, express, banana republic, Nordstroms, gap, forever 21, etc. i think my most expensive top was around $70 haha. and i buy lucky brand jeans.

    i have a few tiffanys pieces and a citizen watch but other than that i love costume jewelry (cheap ones from express, urban outfitters,etc).
  12. I love clothes (maybe even more than I love purses!!) and I usually mix high end with cheaper items. I'm lucky that my mom travels to Hong Kong a lot and works in the fashion her taste in style is very good and she often brings me back clothes from Hong Kong.

    I also like to shop (a lot!!) at places like Filene's Basement/Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Loehmann's, but I also scope out sales at Bloomingdale's, Shopbop, NM, Saks and Nordies.

    Usually, the trendy items I own are cheaper (since they will only be worn for a season or 2), and items with longer life such as jeans, jackets, etc I will buy designer.
  13. Like Pink Cupcake, I've accumulated a lot of good basics and I work in the internet industry which is pretty casual. I splurge on handbags, shoes and accessories and when I buy a designer piece in clothing it tends to be a jacket or sweater - they seem to stay current for a very long time. A couple of favorite designers are Marc Jacobs - I have several of his cropped jackets that I love and L.A.M.B. - Gwen is genius - classic with a twist. For the rest, it's Seven jeans, Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, T.J. Maxx, Anthropologie (probably my fave clothing store). I also wear good jewelry - mostly sterling silver with semi-precious stones - J. Ripka, Robert Lee Morris, Lori Bonn, etc - I like the chunkier styles - thank god I actually prefer silver to gold or I'd really be broke!
  14. My wardrobe investments are in shoes, handbags, coats/jackets (for f/w in Seattle) and....sandals/flip flops for summer!

    So, to work I am just as likely to wear my $175 TR jeans as much as my $15 old navy jeans...either with a nordstrom short sleeved dress shirt and theory sweater vest. If I'm not in jeans it's club monaco dress slacks or Cabi (carol anderson by invitation...home shopping line).

    No matter what I wear, it's important to invest in good tailoring and hemming. For example, I have a $80 Kenneth Cole Reaction ivory wool peacoat which I probably spent as much on in alterations and it looks like I paid 4 x's what I did.
  15. I used to buy a lot of cheaper things but that's changed. Nowadays I go for quality rather than quantity, since I'm always reaching for the same things anyway. So I do pay a bit more for sweaters (cashmere) and coats. But quality doesn't always have to be expensive.