Prinzes_Kelly's collection

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  1. hello eveyone,
    I'm a newbie ere and i finally found the courage to post these pics :shame:as compared to everyone of ur gorgeous and jaw dropping collections,i feel mine's soooo far behind:upsidedown:'s my small collection of a little bit of everything:flowers:There's another one missing from the CHANEL family,tats the
    xl Jumbo classic flap out for refurbishing and will add on when she's back.

    DSC_0095.JPG DSC_0094.JPG DSC_0092.JPG DSC_0097.JPG DSC_0099.JPG
  2. Here's the other's:cutesy:Btw..pls excuse the plastic wrappers around the 1st bag corners and handle as i haven't got a chance to use it:upsidedown:

    DSC_0133.JPG DSC_0134.JPG DSC_0135.JPG
  3. Gucci
    DSC_0130.JPG DSC_0122.JPG
  4. DIOR
  5. sooooo pretty! I especially LOVE your Chanel cambon reporter bag! It looks huge on me (I'm only 5"3=163cm). Do you have a favourite?
  6. Thanks kiwishopper,actually i'm same height as u;)but i've alwiz prefer big bags eventhough with a small frame:PMy favourite is the xl jumbo classic flap,but she's not ere in the pic:sad:
  7. PRADA
  8. Gorgeous collection! LOVE your Chanel Reporter bags! :nuts: And of course, LOVE your Gucci Pelham...I'm only a little biased there. ;)
  9. gorgeous chanels!
  10. That Black bowler is driving me nuts!!! I love it!!:love:
  11. gorgeous chanels
  12. :cutesy:thanks wentworthsgal,peach6,chinkee21 and lady chinadoll:cutesy:
  13. Love the vintage black Chanel tote!
  14. Beautiful Chanels and lovely MC Speedy!
  15. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that black dior bag!