Prints you hated but grew to love

  1. Its so odd how certain prints that I had an absolute yuck reaction to when I saw online I grew to absolutely adore when I saw in person... For example when I first saw the inferno print I always swore that I wouldn't get any, but eventually I saw an inferno bella on eBay for super cheap and bought it... Once I saw it in person I fell in love and its one of my favorites! I think seeing pictures online doesn't give the prints due justice and show off how vibrant and beautiful they are.

    Prints I used to dislike but now like:

    Tan playground
    Camo playground

    Famiglia... sorta, lol

    What prints did you have a gut -yuck- reaction to, but then grow to love?
  2. I was def. not into spiaggia at first. The "big" girls pretty much threw it off for me, but then there was so much to love about it. The "reggae boy" the drooling boy, the girl putting suntan lotion on the boy, surfing adios, I started to love more and more about it.
  3. To be honest it would be Tan Playground.. But now I LOVE it. Plus in person it looks so much cuter.. Also Pirata.. I didnt really go nuts over it when I first saw it but now I also love it and have 2 bags in the print.. And last it would be Citta/Citta Rosa.. But now I am dying for a bag in Citta AND Citta Rosa.. I think what it was, was that I didnt like the girls but now I really like them.. I always loved Foresta, L'Amore, Inferno, and Paradiso. But I did love them more once I saw them in person and saw all the details.. And last it's Black Camo. I want a bag in that print, not something big but something.. OOh and Transporto. I never thought I would get something in that print but once I saw the pics, I admit I think it's very cute and would like a bag in that print..

    Prints I dont see myself ever buying are...
    Olive Green Camo :yucky:
    Adios Star :s
    Famiglia - NEVER :throwup:
    And none of the solids except maybe the Orange one...
  4. hMm... i dont like tan pg, or the cammos. op. famaglia. lamore. spiaggia. citta rosa.... yip dont think ill ever like those xD
  5. I didn't really like Pirata before..but now I do :smile: I think that's the only one.
  6. I didn't like pirata, cammo olive, and citta rosa but now I do!
  7. Pirata - At first my bf was like, this one is cute (he loves pirates). And I was like, ewww. I didn't like the pirate girls. But the more I looked at it, the more I decided I LOVED it..and ended up springing for a zucca. Hehe.

    Tan PG - Still don't have one, but the more I actually look at the print, the more I think I would like to some day own one.

    Tutti - When I first saw it, I was like, black and Boring. But then I looked at the swatch a lot & made a wallpaper out of it for my desktop. After that, I fell IN LOVE with the cactus kid on the cell phone part of the print. Now I have a bambino/

    Paradiso - My first reaction was like, um babies.? No. But then I realized how cute & light the color scheme was, and that some of the little angel kids + flowers are pretty cute.

    Transporto: Looked kind of eh..until I saw pics of peoples new bags! Now it's on my list to buy. @__@

    Vacanze: I haven't decided. I like the print I think, but am unsure of how it will look actually on a bag. I guess I'll wait and see when it's released. But if I do get one, it will probably be a smaller bag.

    Don't like & still not fond of:

    Foresta (I know this is one of the most coveted prints..but I just don't care for it. :/)
    Solids (except pretty!)

    The only one I loved right off the bat is l'amore! :heart:
  8. Ones I didn't like but grew to love:

    - Tan PG
    - Black and Olive Camo PG

    Ones I didn't like but grew to like (but not looooove):

    - OP
    - Famiglia
    - Pirata
    - L'Amore (ONLY for the pink bird couple)

    * I can't say anything for Trasporto and Vacanze yet because I need to see it in person a few times. Still on the fence with those two. Hehe.

    Now, there's one I used to looove but that love turned to like once other prints started coming out - Paradiso. I still like it, but just not :nuts: over it anymore.
  9. I too, at first wasn't fond of foresta. Now of course like all toki's...i :heart: it. Once I saw it in person, that was it!

    AS Star/Tutti-just because the whole "white" factor, and of course i have a :heart:AS Stellina:heart: & a Tutti Caramella.

    the only thing that i don't care fore are all the solids.

    i guess when you think you don't like eventually grows on you.
  10. I was never fond of tan playground, except for the lattes. I think if I ever find a denaro with the pink and blue lattes front and center, I'd pay just about anything for it.:yes: but it's way more likely that LSS will bring back the angioletto.
  11. I didn't like Tan Playground. It just looked like legs and more legs to me. But that was before I saw it in person. My Tan PG Campeggio is my very favorite bag and now I LOVE the print!

    I also HATED famiglia, but I found a campeggio with all my favorite toki friends perfectly placed so I bought it anyways. Now I use it a lot when i'm in a more conservative ('mom') mood and think my bag could get dirty ('football practice'). I really like that its neutral and my boys are always looking at the guys in the spots.
  12. I fell in :love: with Paradiso,Inferno, and Foresta from the first second I saw them!

    Absolute LIKE reaction:
    Spiaggia -MINUS girls
    But now I :heart: them all!! Especially OP. It looked SO bright in person, pics do not do this print justice!!

    Kinda BLAH reaction:
    Black & white=blahh. I've grown to really like AS, I just wish there we more characters, and not so spaced out. Tutti has grown on me too, but it would rock in color!!

    Absolute YUCK reaction:
    Citta Rosa
    I always HATED any prints with the girls. But oh that Pink in CR!! Plus, after caving and getting my first Spiaggia, I realized I actually didn't mind the girls!! Now I really like the Citas and Cita Rosas. Playground is looking cuter, but my dislike for beige is stronger than my like for the print.

    Permanent YUCK reaction:

    The solids are just like any other bag IMO, they don't scream Toki, so why pay Toki bucks for them? The only print I would think of getting is the OP Black, because it was the First Edition.
  13. Foresta. I thought the print looked too crayola-like at first. I don't know what made me get a bag in that print but I loved it when I received it.
  14. Adios Star, Pirata & Tutti!! I think maybe the reason why I like Pirata now is because I scored a Zucca with nice placement from Southampton. Otherwise, probably not so much.

    I was also intent on not getting anything in Adios Star because it just looked "not cute" but I guess at second glance you see the characters rather than just big black stars everywhere.

    & I slowly fell more in love with Tutti. At first I was like, "eh, I'll just get a small bag in this print" which I did with the bambino then changed my mind to dolce.. But then Pulse had their sale so I jumped at the Gioco & Cucciolo :biggrin: