printing postage through paypal

  1. i printed off the label to send a parcel royal mail special delivery, but i have no tracking number or anything, did i miss something?
  2. yes , you have to take it to the post office to get the certificate of posting stamped or you won't be covered if anything goes wrong .
  3. have you posted it yet ?
  4. yes, took it into the post office and they did the proof of postage there, it makes me think why bother doing it through paypal when you have to queue up anyway?
  5. i sell some little things that are only a few pounds , and i tend to just put them through the post box , its not the end of the world if they don't arrive , can just send some more , but wouldn't do it for my expensive items . I am lucky my postman fills in everything ( forms , slips )for me , i just throw him the packages , wouldn't want to take away his earnings by using paypal for the big stuff .