Printing an Hermes Scarf...

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  1. I was just randomly typing "Hermes" on youtube and I found this interesting video! Printing Hermes carre 101;)

    I'm not sure if any tpf-er has ever posted this, so please remove the thread if so.

    Hope you all enjoy:tup:!

  2. Great video thanks for sharing :flowers:
  3. THanks for posting! :tup:
  4. Thanks for sharing...I saw the Hermes making scarf presentation not too long ago in southern cali!! It was really wonderful!!:tender:
  5. Thanks for posting! This is so cool!

    Anyone know which scarf that is?
  6. Looks like "Les Amoureux de Paris." Great video, thanks for posting!
  7. Wonderful video. I hope to see it in person sometime.
  8. You're welcome :flowers:
    I hope everyone enjoys it!
  9. Hermes_drooler Would yo umind sharing what the gorgeous thing on your neck is? :tup:
  10. Thanks for posting.
  11. LOL, I think Hermes made it to be a belt initially (it was afterall, hung in the belt section of the boutique). It comes with that detachable buckle and 3 different colours of leather strings.

    And then, my forever creative SA:love:, initiated the multi-purpose idea of using it as a scarf ring too. So, I had a go at it with my Fantaisies Indiennes gavroche, shown here:

    Unfortunately, I have no idea what the belt is called, apoligies:shame:

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  12. Btw, Liberté, I love your signature! (particularly the one with Ayumi Hamasaki in Paris - isn't her video just fab?)!!!
  13. The scarf is definitely Les Amoureux de Paris. Great vid -- thanks for posting -- and thanks for the explanation of your cool use of belt buckle!
  14. Thanks for the video! I like your idea about the belt buckle, it looks great!