1. I've been thinking about getting a printer I can use to print photos. I don't mean low quality photos on regular paper, but the same quality as you would get at a shop and on real photo paper. But I know absolutely nothing about what kind of printer I should get. Are there anyone in here who can help me out? Anything specific I should look for etc?
  2. Anyone?
  3. you need an inkjet printer which has photo printing features.

    HP inkjet printer
    cannon inkjet printer
    epson photo printer, and many more
  4. I recently got an Epson printer for under $100 and it works great! It's not specifically a photo printer but the quality of the photos that I got are pretty darn good. Also, it's a scanner and it has individual ink tanks. Very handy for when you only need to refill certain colors. One warning would be that the ink runs out very quickly though.
  5. I would like a photo printer as it has to be VERY high quality photos. I mean the same quality as you would get in a shop. I don't care what the price is as long as it's not $1000 or something like that.
  6. I love hp products. Would try to score one of them.
  7. if the money is not an issue, then epson photo printer would be your best bet.
    All in one printer isn't that great of photo quality printing as you've expected to the highest.
  8. Thanks. I was also thinking the same. I rarely use a printer, so all I'm looking for is something that will print out pictures in a great quality (the best!). I don't care about other features.