Printer Ink. Do generic brands work?

  1. Just wondering. I tried that Walgreen's refill thing, and my printer completely shut down. :sad:

    I wanted to try to avoid the $100 something I'd spend at Best Buy on ink, and found sites selling generic ink online. Has anyone tried them? Do they work? What's the quality like when compared to your regular ink?

    I'd probably get the expensive color inks from HP, but I figured black is basic and I'd be able to go generic on them without seeing a difference.
  2. Depends on the printer. Epson has lots of good compatible ink online. HP does not. =(
    I bought an >$100 printer last year despite there being many cheaper models because I researched that that printer had reliable 3rd party ink (epson cx3810)...

    Laser printers have great remanufactured toners available also.
  3. From previous experience be careful with generic inks as the use of these inks when your printer is under warranty CAN void your warranty. This is a way for manufacturers to ensure that you purchase and use their expensive inks.

    I had a Canon printer and I ran out of ink, I was in desperate need to finish my printing so I put in a non genuine ink cartridge and my printer died after a few pages. When I put it into Canon for repairs they tested the ink and said that it wasn't genuine so sorry the repairs are going to cost you - not happy!
  4. My work printer takes generic ink fine! :yes:
  5. I use generic ink all the time. I have 2 HP printers and I've never had a problem. I don't mean to sound wasteful, but printers are so cheap these days, I figure if the printer finally dies, I can get another one pretty easily.
  6. Where do you buy your ink from? I tried researching online, but I was swamped with all of the different sites, and I heard some may be unreliable so I wanted to go with a site that another person with a HP printer has tried and liked.
  7. Eek, it's been a while. Maybe it was or something like that? I bought a cartridge for my laser printer from them.
  8. About two years ago, I used generic ink for my epson ink jet. It would not print correctly, and I switched back to the epson ink. Still wasn't working, so I called the help line. Yes, they determined that the generic somehow altered my printer and would not fix it!! I had to buy a new printer, no more epson for me!
  9. Ink cartridges are supposedly how printer companies make $, like car dealership that make $ off servicing your car, so they don't mind selling it to you for cheap. So, printer companies will claim that generic inks are bad and damage your printer, but in my experience generic has worked just fine.
  10. I use the walgreens ink on my printer and it works great.
  11. I think I've ordered from them as well and it worked fine in my printer. I find the refill ink stuff like the walgreens service never works for me. I have a Lexmark. The best ink I've gotten is the two for $50 at Office Depot.
  12. You're so lucky! I really wanted it to work on mine because it was such a great deal and so convenient. What brand is your printer?
  13. Take your used ink cartridges to Office Max and they will give you $3 credit towards your next ink purchase, you can take up to 5 at a time. Yesterday my mom and I saved $30.
  14. be careful with generic ink, some of it will be crap and some of it will be fine. if you're doing heavy-duty printing (photos or things like that), then i'd still get the brand-name ink, because you want to make sure your pigment saturation is as high as possible. if you do a lot of document printing, then the generic is probably worth a shot if you can find a reputable place to get it.

    i don't know for sure, but i work in an electronics store, and i'd believe that printer manufacturers do make the majority of their money on ink. the printers are DIRT CHEAP, but buying ink for them often costs just as much as the initial price of the machine. it's not the store marking it up, either. our employee discount is based on product margin, and we don't get a very good discount on ink - just a few dollars per cartridge, usually.
  15. I order from eink4u for my Canon printer. No problems. I tried switching one time to another online vendor to get a better deal and both of my Canon printers took about 1-2 hours of cleaning cycles maint. etc. to get them right agian. It seems to depend on the vendor whether the ink is quality or not.