Printed vs Darwin (i.e. Natural) Vegetable Leather

  1. hi, did a search but could not find exactly what i was looking for. thank u in advance for the help :flowers:.

    i understand darwin leather will patina with use and it's fairly heavy. how about the printed leather? is printed leather:
    - thicker and heavier than darwin leather?
    - does it show wears and patina as fast as darwin leather?

    any other information on printed leather is greatly appreciated. on mulberry's website these 2 leather seems to have exact properties. fyi i'm :drool: over the printed leather bayswater now :biggrin:.
  2. I've no idea how it compares to Darwin, but I have had the printed leather E/W Bayswater in Oak for just under 2 months and already it's beginning to get the most gorgeous patina on it. I love it soooooooo much!!!
  3. thank u for the reply :smile:. i can only imagine how gorgeous it is :tup: