Printed Python

  1. Hi, it's printed on leather and not real snakeskin. There was some posts a while ago about this and shipping to CA, but it turned out it turned out it was no problem :smile:
  2. Thanks so much...

    The SA told me its real snakeskin!!!

    Clearly tpfers are more knowledgeable!!!
  3. ^There are many PS bags in real snakeskin though, but the lower priced are printed.

    Edit: I looked again at the bag you linked and now I'm unsure which category this is?
  4. I can't tell.. When I brush my fingers on it.. I can feel that it's a little scaly.. not very

    And then Barneys has a remark saying it can't be shipped to California

    I'm confused
  5. Confirmed w PS it's printed python pattern on calf leather...

    Guess they such a great job that Barney's can't tell it's not the real deal
  6. i think the python details on that bag are actually real python
  7. Oh really?? Now I'm super confused..
  8. Also want to ask how to protect the canvas.
    What kind of sprays should I use???