Print placement

  1. Print placement is very important to most of us when picking a bag since no two bags are exactly alike. Here's the dilemma:

    A) The first bag has the perfect placement of the characters you like on the front. The only problem is it has the same exact design placement on the back. That means you don't get the entire print on your bag. You are missing some of the other characters.

    B) The second bag has all of the print on the bag, half on the front and the other half on the back so you get all the characters. The only thing is the perfect placement of the characters you like is on the back.

    C) The third bag has all of the print on the bag, half on the front and the other half on the back. The perfect placement of the characters you want is on the front however it is not centered. It is very low on the bag.

    Which bag would you choose? Which would make you happy?
  2. i think it'd depend on what bag it is also... there are some bags that have zippers on the front that cut into the print...?

    that's a hard question, though... i think i'd go with option a, mainly because i don't need ALL the characters. whatever my perfect placement is for whatever print, i'd be happy just as long as i got that placement!! i could always get another bag or something if i wanted the characters that aren't on my perfect placement...
  3. I'm not super picky, generally. As long as the bag has a couple of my favourites, I'm ok. And I don't like stuff being cut off (like if the bag features women, I don't like their heads being cut off...legs cut off is fine, but not heads).

    I'd go with C, I don't need centred at all.
  4. Tough decision. I'd have to go with A first, then B. My foresta BV I noticed is like A. I have pretty much the same print both front and back. But because of the size of the bag I got most of the print. Maya is right it just depends on the bag you are getting.
  5. Okay, how about for Gioco? That has the zipper on the front. I like the monkey with the treasure chest and the octopus but I also like the cat on the island and parrots on the girls. What to do?
  6. if it's the gioco and those are the two placements you're looking at... looking at the pirara print now... i guess my opinion would be to get the "cat on the island and parrots on the girls" in the front, and try to get the "monkey with the treasure chest and the octopus" on the back.
  7. Are you getting it at a store or are you gonna order from Pulse? If you order from pulse they have the 15% off plus they will try and find the print placement you want. I ordered a gioco a couple of days ago. I picked that one since I think you get most of the print on that style of bag. I like the mermaid and sharks so I asked for a bag with those characters.
  8. Either one but Pulse sounds better if they ship to Hawaii. It would definitely save me a lot of money. I am just afraid of what it will look like. My favorite characters are the monkey pirate and the octopus. But I like the cat on the island too, haha.
  9. Well call Pulse up and see if you can get all of them on the bag. They will check for you. The SA who helped me was very nice. I'm not sure if they ship for free to Hawaii.
  10. disney4us, where in hawaii are you? i'm out across punahou high school.
  11. Hi Maya, I'm in Kapolei :flowers: . We're should all get together soon at Waikele to shop for more Tokidoki and lunch.

    I just called Pulse and they have 1 of the bag with the monkey and octopus on the front so if I get it, then I don't have to worry about making a choice, lol. Okay, now I just need to decide if I really want it. The price is awesome.
  12. so are you friends with tokidoki lover? since she lives in kapolei too!!! oh man, going on a tokidoki shopping spree... that's not good!!
  13. Go for it Disney! You can't beat that price! Do you get the free ship to Hawaii? You will be sorry if you don't get it! :graucho:
  14. good question. I just bought a ciao ciao citta. My favorite character is the motor cycle girl. One bag had her centered perfectly on the front. But becuase it's the ciao ciao and the top folds over, you could not see her. When folded the other way (I'm really not sure which is front and back on that bag) her head was cut off. The other bag had something kind of boring on the center front but when the bag was folded over it has the top part of motorcycle girl at the very bottom of the bag and an upside down motorcycle girl on the flap. I picked that one as when folded over (the way it is normally be worn) it looked more interesting.

    The first bag I bought (nuvolu in citta rose) has terrible print placement. I didn't know any better....
  15. That's a tough question.. I think I would go with A.. then B.
    I am with Bubbles.. don't cut off the girl's head! I am anxiously awaiting my Pirata BV and I am hoping for a good placement! When the characters are all small, it is less worrisome I think.
    Congrats on the new bag!
    I wish I could go to Hawaii for the shopping spree.. shoot, I would just like to go sit on the beach with a Mai Tai! lol