print placement vent

  1. i don't know if i'm the only one who has pondered this, but i don't understand why the ppl who made the bags couldn't have cut the fabric in better places. i mean, it's not so hard to see where a good scene is or not. but maybe the fabric was cut by machines instead of human hands so it's all by chance. it just seems such a waste of good print placement...
  2. I agree with you, there are certain scenes in some of the prints or certain characters, that always seem to get "cut off".

    But if they did have someone cut them by hand, the bags would be MORE expensive!

    Oh well! On with the hunt!!!!
  3. I agree. All the Spiaggia BVs I've seen have the "Tokidoki for Lesportsac" banner cut off at the top right hand corner, and it seems to be the same with Vacanze BVs and the yeti monster scene. I've yet to come across one with the yeti smack dab in the middle.
  4. I hear ya. I've been searching for a Citta Rosa with the dark rider in the middle for a BV or MM.... nada so far (except on the BACK, ugh)
  5. lol
  6. there's a vacanze stellina on evilbay with the worst print placement. one of the flaps is practically bare, with the tokidoki lesportsac logo sort of off center on the bag. it's only $100, but i can't see even spending that much on such an unattractive bag.

    i did see a transporto stellina today (somebody was carrying it). it was totally adorable. the design is nice and small, so it fits nicely on the pockets. i don't usually like stellinas, but it works very well in transporto, imho.
  7. i feel sorry for the denaros that have random and cut off characters. really, how hard is it to cut a square with a character centered in the middle?!
  8. I agree, it's a bummer when you find a denaro with basically nothing on it. I saw a Tutti last week, it was the only one left at the store, and all it had on the front was bubbles and the back was sparse and cut off.
  9. I had such a hard time finding an adios star bella that didnt have 3 rows of 1/2 stars
  10. You know, sometimes i wonder if some bags just never get bought. What's the bother of getting a bag with really bad placement when a bag with fantastic placement is basically the same cost? Poor bags... I feel so sorry for them.:sad:
  11. I wondered this about a bag that I found at Macy's a while back. It was a Famiglia Stellina, and it was the only one they had out. The strap was sewn incorrectly, so it would never lay flat and always had one twist in it. My mother and I tried and tried to twist it around this way and that so it wasn't twisted, but it never worked. My guess is that, with things like that, they end up incinerated. (It'd be nice if all my mistakes could be burned, never to be seen again...haha...) I don't know about all those bags nobody ends up buying because of something like print placement, though. My best guess is that they do end up bought, or destroyed. Talk about poor bags...flaming Tokis is a disturbing mental image.
  12. I've been on the search for the same bag!!!
  13. i guess the bags with bad print placement eventually get sold but the ppl who buy them aren't toki fans and probably have no idea about what tokidoki is and about print placement, etc.
  14. I wouldn't think that it would be such a big deal to have the good placement on the back of a BV or MM instead of the front since the only way you can tell front from back is the side with the qee. Especially if you're having such a hard time finding the right placement on the front.
  15. Yeah. My Vacanze BV came in a couple weeks ago, and I love the placement on the front and the back... but it has my ideal placement on the back... sooo I think i'll just have that side facing out most of the time :biggrin: