Print placement reference thread?

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  1. would it be possible to make a sticky of pictures that showcase the entirety of each print pattern? that way, it'd be easier for tPFers to determine what sort of print placement to get when they're looking for a bag in a specific print

    i think i read somewhere that there are no official swatches of an entire print available online, but maybe we could assemble pics of Ciaos or Lunas from different prints and sticky them as a reference thread?

    what do you guys think?;)
  2. I'm all for it! I was thinking about maybe doing that also :smile: since it's so darn weird thinking of what's where!
  3. Well, I have no lunas or huge bags so I can't help here... but those clear swatches of Famiglia, Tutti, Trasporto, and Vacanze can be added here!!
    famiglia.jpg trasporto.jpg tutti.jpg vacanze.jpg
  4. ciaociao is your best bet of getting the entire print swatch =)
  5. or the cucciolo changing pad.
  6. HAHA.:roflmfao:
  7. LOL sometimes, I have the urge to buy a cucciolo just for the changing pad :lol:

    I'd love for a print placement reference thread!! I'm trying to find one for Pirata.. want my bambione to look awesome!! :biggrin:
  8. This is a great idea!!! Strangely enough even my cucciolo changing pad in spiaggia doesn't have the whole print :-o
  9. i'd love to be the first to post something, but alas, i only have 1 MM in Paradiso :sad:

    if some of you guys can provide pics of the Ciao Ciao, Luna, or the Cucciolo changing pad, i'll try to organize them all and put them together in a reference thread or something
  10. Does someone have one of the Adios Star print? Everytime i see them in the stores, they're all black and white and only like one or two colored characters. I wanted to see how all the colored characters look like. Maybe someone has a Ciao Ciao! =)
  11. That is strange. My spiaggia changing pad has the whole print.

    ETA: I will take a picture in a little bit.
  12. I would take a picture of my Pirata Cucciolo changing pad but I can't because I cut it up and made "caramellas" out of it :smile:
  13. Okay I was wrong; the changing pad is missing a strip of the print.