Pringles of Scotland

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  1. Hi Does anyone know if Pringle of Scotland are also a target of conterfieters? I just want to be aware before i buy anything on eBay.

  2. Im sure it has been done. Pringle is just as iconic as other labels I see no reason why they would have escaped counterfitting.
  3. Can't really help with this... Pringle is one of my favourite labels, but I usually buy them at TkMaxx (at huuuge discount, as nobody seems to know them in my town!:P). Never came across counterfeits on ebay though, I doubt they are (or have ever been) faked, it's not a 'mass-appeal' brand.
    Also, they have so painstakingly perfect cuts & fabrics, it would be pretty difficult to make even a vaguely convincing replica.
  4. Thanks for the reply Chloe and friponne. I haven't seen anyone in my town with one yet. I don't think they are that popular where i am too. Theres not alot on eBay. There is one uk seller selling a couple with other questionable Gucci product. Thats why i'm wondering if they are making replicas too.

    I found out that they do a Factory tour and have a Pringle factory shop in Hawick. I am tempted to go and see how they make these goods but for now will settle for TkMaxx. Thanks for the tips!
  5. WOW I'd love to go to the factory-tour - please do report if you go there!!! :tup:

    Can you post the links to the auctions? I'm not good at authenticating but maybe it helps a bit...
  6. Oops - I was thinking about clothes, sorry... :shame:
    I used to see bags like those in TkMaxx quite often, I think it might be safer to buy them there. (+ I have a feeling that the seller gets them there too, so it might be even cheaper to buy them in TkMaxx, or at the factory-store)

    (Let me brag a little: this is a Pringle trench I found at TkMaxx clearance last year)

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  7. You should know that Pringles has shifted a lot of their production to China so if you see the "Made in China" label, it may be the real deal.
  8. I have not seen them faked but there could be different levels of quality, sold to different stores.
  9. Wow nice Trench coat:love:!! I love a bargain.

  10. Wow never knew that. Thats going to be even harder to detect if they are the real deal or not.

  11. I'm no expert you could be right but that would bring their name down from good quality make to not so