Princy medium tote questions

  1. I recently saw the Princy medium tote and I kind of like the size and the shape of it. I am kind of venturing into Gucci so I was wondering if this style is newer? Or is it a seasonal style? :confused1: I saw on the Gucci website under their Spring Summer bags that they have this style in a white leather. I admit I would be more interested in this particular bag if it came in black leather or even the black fabric. If its not a seasonal style I am thinking about waiting unless someone has seen this particular bag in black leather? Thanks! :yes:

    :confused1: I am editing this right now but I took a look at the description and it says its a snap closure? I saw a bag at the Gucci boutique that looks like this bag but it has a zip closure? Do any of you know what bag it is then? :confused1:
  2. maybe you saw this one?

  3. Thanks :smile: but it isn't that one. It looks exactly like the tote but with a zipper closure.
  4. Does anyone know whether the princy medium tote comes in brown trim? I didnt see it online ( under the choices :confused1:
  5. i just bought the chocolate brown guccissima in the medium princy tote. the gucci website doesn't carry it but the boutique in atlantic city does. they also have the brown canvas at the store.
  6. I went back to the Gucci boutique at Nordstrom and they told me that it is called Princy. I wonder why the website says its a snap closure when the one that I saw in the store had a zipper? Am I looking at the wrong thing on their website? :confused1:

    The Gucci boutique at Nordstrom carries the princy tote in the brown trim. I saw it today but like I said it does not have the snap closure but a zipper one.
  7. Thx for the info! good to know they have them :yes:
  8. I know which one you're talking about - I saw the zippered tote in Neiman Marcus in the beige/ebony fabric, is that the brown trim you're looking for? I also went to the Gucci boutique around Tyson's Corner in Virginia and saw it there... I also asked if they carried it in the chocolate Guccissima, but they said no. HTH!