Princy Hobo sensor?

  1. Hi!
    So I just bought the new brown large princy hobo from the gucci store at the Belagio in Vegas a week ago (I live in Seattle). Now I'm noticing that every store I walk into with a sensor detector, I'm setting it off! Everything in my purse was transferred straight from my old purse so I know it's not that. I've searched all throughout the purse for something and found nothing.
    Does anyone know what it could be? I've contacted the Belagio but didn't tell me anything I didn't already try doing.
    We do have a Gucci store in our Nordstroms here in Seattle. Not sure if they can help or will allow me to exchange the purse if this problem continues?
  2. If you do go to Nordstorm, make sure you bring your reciept. I've had sensor problems before and if you don't bring a reciept, they won't help because they think it's stolen.

    I wonder if there's something in the lining? Good luck!
  3. Thanks. I'm going to try and stop by Nordi's today, and bring my receipt. I have no idea how they'll find it because I didn't find anything inside that bag. It's so weird.
  4. WOW..that is weird!! Please let us know how this turns out. What do we need to know so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

  5. Okay,
    you guys are going to laugh.
    It was in my wallet. It's so weird because I've had the wallet for 2 years but there was a small sensor in it that must've reactivated some how.
    What a relief it wasn't the purse!

  6. Weird!!!!
    Thankgod it was not your bag, that would have been too strange...!!
    Enjoy your new purchase!!