princy hobo or new britt hobo?

  1. Okay, finally narrowed down to 2 choices. Need new black bag. I prefer the zipper on the princy hobo but love the smooth leather on the new britt hobo. Princy is more at $1040 vs 695 for new britt.

    Please help me choose! I've tried to upload the pics in the thread, pls forgive if it does not appear!
    newbritt.jpg princy.jpg
  2. I like the new britt hobo. I love the GGs in the corner. I do prefer the zipper, though, on the princy.
  3. Princy! I like the smoother leather on the britt too but something about those styles I don't really like..but then again for $695 thats a pretty hot bag!
  4. I thought there was Princy in smooth leather on sale at the Gucci outlets, maybe you want to call them up?

    I'm biased, I love the Princy w/ the cute bow.
  5. I have both bags and I love both of them but if I could only keep one I would keep the Princy. I like that it is a little bigger. I love the Guccissima leather.


  6. I like the Princy better
  7. I really love both. If I have to choose, I would go with the britt.
  8. :drool: at the brown guccissima leather..
  9. princy!
  10. The princy is definitely a nicer bag. It was last longer in my opinion as well.
  11. I think the princy... The guccissima looks so good...
  12. I love them both!
  13. I choose Princy Hobo as well. :tup: