Princeton Review or Kaplan Prep Courses? HELP!!!

  1. So... after a few years of being a productive citizen in the work force, I've decided I NEED to go to business school and get a MBA! Mainly to fund my handbag obsession in the future (j/k)! :nuts:

    BUT I'm torn between enrolling in a Princeton Review or Kaplan course for preparing for my test. They're the only ones I can take (because of the timelines) and I kinda need the actual structure of a class to be more actively involved (although I am reviewing practice books at the same time). They're both around $1400, so I don't want to spend this money lightly! The ironic thing is, I could easily spend this much on a handbag... but when it comes to my future...? I guess I have my priorities straight all right!! :roflmfao:

    Sorry for the long post, but your opinions and experiences with these courses are highly appreciated! TIA!!
  2. I took the Kaplan course and I was very happy with it. It was definitely worth the money I paid for it. When I first started they had you take a mock GRE prior to the class and then after, and my scores were much higher after taking the course. Good luck!
  3. Not for GMATs but i remember when everyone was doing the SAT/ACT prep they were both pretty much the same... both are reputable and well known so you're probably ok with either option.

    For my GREs I just did a private tutor, cost the same, but one-on-one time and then I got to work on specifically what I needed help with, since some things I was better at than others. IF you know your weak points, that may be a good option.
  4. I just signed up for Kaplan GMAT review. My classes start on March 13th.

    It was a toss between Kaplan and Princeton Review but I didn't like Princeton's schedule. Their classes were offered only on weekends.
  5. I spent a lot of money for the GMAT prep in the princeton review classes it does not worth it. because the method of teaching is to assume that u know everyting in math and just they give you some techniques.
    Again i went for KAPLAN classes it was greate where i learned operations from A to Z.

    My exam will be on 28th i hope to get high score.