* ~ PrincessD's Purse Collection =) ~ *

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  1. Your collection is far from small!! Love the Gucci!
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    Your small Hamilton is to die for! I am absolutely in love. I have been wanting the large tote, but now that i have seen the small i am droooling. Unfortunately i have not been able to find it anywhere online. :loveeyes:
  3. I enjoyed your collection, it is very chic! I love the color of the Burberry wallet, I remember that collection- it came in 3 tones I believe! Your Monogram MC with the pink interior are gorgeous, I wish more LV items would come looking like this. And the white MbMJ, wow! :heart: Thanks so much for sharing.
  4. Very nice (and cute) collection :greengrin:
  5. Love your Vivienne Westwood cutie :biggrin:.
  6. Thanks lanette23 & fly bird!!
    I need to upload more photos to this thread since I've been shopping a bit this past month lol!
  7. You have some great items, thanks for sharing!
  8. Great collection
  9. The HK little bag is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing! ;)
  10. I love your Gucci. Sweet collection.
  11. Update from March 2012 :smile:

    I've added several things this past year that I thought should add to this thread.

    First up is my Alexander Mcqueen scarves :smile:

    Then, I bought another pair of MBMJ mouse flats! I really love my gold glitter ones, thought I'd add another pair to my collection

    Followed by Links of London sweetie bracelet

    Finally, bf bought me the Le Pliage tote :smile:

    I made purchases throughout my years on tPF, therefore my collection isn't on JUST the first page lol!! Scroll through when you have time and hope you have fun :smile:
  12. Beautiful bags. Thanks for sharing.
  13. love your tokidokis!!!
  14. I love the variety of your collection