Princess Spy ..

  1. Hi ..

    i was surfing the net and found this Pic of Priness Hessa from Kuwait carrying this spy .. its RED with Greenish handles..

    is it real? speical order?:blink:
  2. It's really cool that a princess would wear a spy instead of a classy Chanel or Dior! I think it looks great on her. Should be a special order, I haven't seen the cherry red IRL.
  3. TammyD .. Couldnt agree more ...

    but does Fendi make speical orders? i can customize my own spy?
  4. Yes, you can special order if you're a very special client eg. royalty, celeb. Don't think the service is available to the public.
  5. its nice, suits her.
  6. Yes, I think it was custom made. However, the color combination is too christmas-y, no? JMO :ninja:
  7. :blink: ^^ indeed .. u took the word out of my mouth ..
  8. chloe im definetaly sure that its real :smile:
    i saw one on the princess of Qatar too( Shaikha Mooza) and i was surprised as she is usually of a more costume made,classic Hemes , bottega person..but its fun to see them carrying fun bags for a change:smile:
    nice pics by the way
  9. solitair ...

    im sooooooooooooooo in love with Mooza's style .. i swear she doesnt seem granny ... can u post a pic of her with one of her bags?
  10. me too ..:love:
    i follow her pics everywhere...
    i cant get enough of her:biggrin:
    ..i 'll post some pics soon
  11. That is very pretty!