Princess? or Round ? cut diamond earrings

  1. I have half carat each princess cut mom wants to upgrade to 1 carat each for me (lucky me :graucho:)

    when I bought my current ones I was in love with princess cut and love it

    I know it has grades etc.

    round cut shines better and looks kind of bigger when you compare it to princess cut (With the same size and grade etc.)

    So I am more confused than ever

    I am going to use it for a while..probably I will wear it daily to work etc.

    Which cut do you prefer ? help me out?
  2. I prefer the round. It sparkles more! Lucky you!
  3. I also prefer round for its "sparkling" quality.
  4. i think round is more classic!
  5. Round! You always have the smaller princess cuts when you want a change, but the round cut is so sparkly!
  6. round always a classic
  7. The round is easier to wear because if it turns it still looks the same. Squares will move and look uneven. Otherwise looks wise, square might look more interesting, but round will look more classical.
  8. I prefer the round. It will sparkle more and always look correct.
  9. I love princess cut!
  10. thanks for your comments...As a cut I love the princess..but sparkling factor makes me consider round cut seriously :sad:

    Any more comments?
  11. I prefer round. =)
  12. I prefer round...I'm hoping to get some with the necklace for graduation.
  13. Rounds have more facets cut into them (58) versus princess (54), so round sparkles more. Princess looks larger because the table (top of the diamond) is larger. Round set in platinum is my first pick. White metal under diamonds make them look brighter. Yellow gold shows a yellow body color through the stone.
  14. I love the princess cut for rings but for earrings I'd choose round
  15. I would go with round. They are more classic.