Princess Mary of Denmark had a baby...

  1. girl today!!! :yahoo: Congratulations to all the family! So exciting. Most of you probably don't even know who she is but Mary was an Australian girl that fell in love with and married Prince Frederik, heir to the Danish throne. She had a baby boy 18 months ago (doing her duty and supplying a heir) and this time everyone was hoping she would have a girl. This is the first Princess born into the family since 1946! A real life little Princess. :heart: Mary is truly blessed! I adore her.
  2. Ah sweet story, congrats to her & family!
  3. awww, I know of the Danish Royal family from a project I had to do on them once in HS.. lol..

    Congrats to her!
  4. :woohoo:
  5. Oh! Very nice!
  6. Aww..congratulations to her that's wonderful!!!
  7. That's great. I subscibe to Royalty mag and she is featured in there alot. She is so pretty.
  8. I'm a die-hard republican (notice the small r), but good for them! :smile:
  9. I follow world royalty and I started applauding this morning when I heard the news! :nuts: Yeah, I'm a royalty nut.
  10. Yay, real princess!! :love: :dothewave:
  11. Congratulations to 'our Mary' as she's affectionately known!
  12. Yay