Princess Kate's Cartier Ballon Bleu

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  1. I love both her new watch and her beautiful thin eternity band.
  2. the BB looks great on her! I love her style, she's so chic!
  3. I love her and knowing that she has one too makes me love mine that much more :smile:
  4. She looks lovely (as usual) - but I think that's the 33mm quartz model, not the 36mm as the article says.

    And I LOVE the earrings too!
  5. I want to be her when I grow up. I was made to be a princess; have been practicing for a long time!
  6. She looks gorgeous as ever! I love that she has the BB in stainless steel. I read that she had the small, 28 mm size.
  7. Seems like we are speculating on the actual size :blush:, hard to tell from photos...
  8. She has the 33mm Quartz I know because mine is 36 Automatic and mine is a lot bigger an bracelet is different on the watch
  9. 33mm quartz
  10. Agree, the lugs on the 33mm are more tapered compared to the 36mm :smile:
  11. Beautiful watch, I just love her style. She is also wearing the exact same Kiki McDonough earrings I have been drooling over and I think her eternity band may be from Annoushka, as she has been seen in some of their other jewellery.
  12. Does anyone have a picture of her eternity band?
  13. When i clicked on the link and scrolled down the page, there was a photo of her band beneath the stock Tiffany image - at least I think it is her band. There is another hand shot but it is difficult to see the the band clearly in that.