Princess Grace Exhibition

  1. Hi, Allaboutnice and myself should be off to the Princess Grace exhibition tomorrow (tues) assuming the weather holds for long enough for my plane to take off....anyway I was looking up the details of the exhibition and there is a small Hermes snippet on the website..

    We will take as many pics as we can (assuming we are allowed to) and post them. Apparently there is a whole wall devoted to her Kelly Bags.

    They might have to remove us by force! Still if you are going to get arrested this way seems pretty cool.....
  2. I am the picture of envy!! Have fun, Elise! Though I'm sure you don't need telling! ;)
  3. Thanks for the link, I am going to try to catch it when it comes to NYC. Have fun!
  4. I'm jealous, just jealous!!!
  5. I really really would want to go to that exhibition!!
  6. yes....jealous here too!!!! have fun!!!
  7. eliselady, allaboutnice, have fun!!! :yes:
  8. Have fun! Looking forward to your report and hopefully pics!
  9. Thanks for the link!
  10. how exciting~!!!
  11. E you're killing me. Kid-free in France with another PFer and visiting the exhibition!!!! Whatever next????

    (have a blast luv ;), you too AAN)
  12. LOL, can't wait now. Unlike E, I am not childfree - but DD is specially trained and under orders to take surreptitious photos of Kelly bags should photography be banned. We are to act all surprised and innocent should she get caught. Don't know which I'm looking forward to more, the exhibition or the huge Hermes store in Monte Carlo oh and of course, meeting Eliselady. :party:
  13. Have a great time! I cannot wait for the report.
  14. :yahoo:
    AAN, this is perfect!!! DD is the exact right person for this job! I am so jealous, this trip has everything----Princess Grace, a wall of Kellys, the French Riviera, subterfuge, Hermes shopping, and AAN and Eliselady!!!

    I am really really jealous on all counts!:greengrin: