Princess Diana - The Final Days

  1. Did anyone watch her last few weeks portrayed on TLC tonight? What did you think?

    Such a tragic story.
  2. Oh leelee I hope they rerun it a few times? Can't believe it's been 10 years since she died...she's my namesake as you might know and I just have always felt a weird bond with her because of that...I'll never forget that night as long as I live.
  3. Pursegrrl, I'm sure they'll rerun it a few more times, but if not they said it would be available to purchase as a DVD at the end of August. It was very interesting and I thought filmed quite tastefully.

    The actual crash scene was never shown, nor were any gruesome pictures of the wreckage. Yet one still got the feeling of the pursuit by the press as she and Dodi al Fayad left the Ritz.

    It also left me wondering about her true feelings for Dodi and his true feelings for her and his fiancee.
  4. I saw it. It seemed like there was not enough security for her in those final days....I wonder if she had hidden security/body guards around her at all times? How long did they date? why a ring so quickly?
  5. I know what you mean about a lack of security. Wasn't that just crazy? There were packs and packs of people following them and yet they left their hotel with only two or three body guards.

    They didn't date too long at all. I think only about 5 - 6 weeks. He was engaged to someone else at the time. Her name was Kelly and she lived in California. She apparently didn't know anything about Dodi's affair with Diana and I gather Diana didn't know how involved Dodi was with Kelly.

    It's just all so awful.
  6. wow! so interesting!! I've always heard that he was a playboy..
  7. I heard the same thing. The weird thing is, though, that in the show last night he didn't come across as being very handsome, charismatic, sexy, or anything special. He was just "there", it seemed like to me.
  8. I thought so too it made me wonder did he really love her? at that time, I was at home, and the press couldn't stop talking about how happy she was to be with him blah blah, I'm beginning to wonder if this was like a conquest thing like yeah I'm engaged to royalty thing.
  9. I haven't seen that but I so feel for Diana, the Royals made her life hell! I hope she at least thought that she had found love in the end give her some peace before she died. I always ask what the heck did Charles see in that b**** Camilla compared to a beautiful woman like Diana, makes me so angry that she has him now! HUH! They are welcome to each other big goofy Charles is way more suited to ugly Camilla then he ever was to Diana! What a jerk!
  10. They put the blame solely on Dodi. He came across as an arrogant, worthless playboy. He couldn't even buy that ring, without getting his father's okay on it... since his father paid for everything. None of the people who were paid by the father seemed to respect Dodi at all.

    It's obvious he found a better catch than that Kelly girl and was rushing the whole non-love affair. He screwed up royally by not listening to the body guards and now she's dead. It was so silly of her to go running off with a stranger anyway.... to die with that stranger in a tunnel in Paris.
  11. Janyne1, I feel the same way you do. His affair with her did appear rushed.

    I just finished the book "The Diana Chronicles" by Tina Brown. It's hard to say how much is true and how much is conjecture in the book, but it was an excellent read. If you have the and are interested in her life from start to her sad ending it really was good.
  12. ooh I got chills reading this :sad:. I had NO IDEA about this Kelly fiancee, WTH? Leelee I've got to read that book - thanks for the recommendation.
  13. Pursegrrl, let me know when you've finished reading it. I'd love to have a good chat about it!:yes:
  14. I remember the horror I felt watching the news that horrible night 10 years ago and all the days that followed.

    I did watch most of this show the other night and have always believed this horrible accident was mainly caused by Henri Paul's intoxication and Dodi's ego. He refused to listen to the minimal security staff they had and it is really a shame that Diana was not travelling with British security of her own. Had she been, I think the outcome of that night would have been vastly different.
  15. Will do, leelee, I'm a slacker when it comes to finishing books I admit but I have a feeling I'll devour this one. Should be here next week thanks to Amazon! :tup: